How to Treat Psoriasis Naturally

treat psoriasis naturally

Welcome to my latest guide on “How to Treat Psoriasis Naturally“. I hope that you find it useful and if you have any questions, please make sure to ask them in the comments’ section at the end of this blog post.

If you are among the 2 to 3% of the population worldwide who are suffering from psoriasis, you already know that this chronic inflammation of the skin can be very unpleasant.

Unpredictable, it can manifest itself in isolation and reappear several years later.

Be careful not to neglect the consequences that it may have on your health, but also on your quality of life. Fortunately, there are many treatments to overcome, whether light or more severe.

In this article, I introduce you to the most effective natural remedies, and my tips for using them at home.

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How to treat psoriasis naturally?

As there are still some people who are not too sure of what really is psoriasis, let us start with a brief description …

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an inflammation of the skin that will manifest itself in the form of thick patches on the skin. These can appear in different parts of the body and leave redness, or detach in the form of loose scales.

Chronic, psoriasis evolves in cycles, alternating plaque and remission phases. The first thing to remember is that it is absolutely not contagious, and easy to keep under control if you take the right treatment.

Affecting about 2 to 3% of the world population, mostly Caucasian, psoriasis usually appears in adulthood. It does not make any distinction between men and women.

Eczema or psoriasis; what is the difference ?

Psoriasis is often confused with eczema. Indeed, they are two skin diseases caused by a disruption of the immune system and causing itching and irritation. However, it is important to distinguish them to treat them more effectively.

To be safe, remember that psoriasis and eczema differ in:

  • Causes: eczema is usually due to some environmental factors (such as pollution, dust, etc.), which is not at all the case of psoriasis;
  • Links with other diseases: psoriasis may be accompanied by arthritis or liver problems. While eczema is more related to allergy problems;
  • Symptoms: only psoriasis reaches the nails (which can become thicker or fade);
  • Age: as we have seen, psoriasis occurs from young adults to older people, while eczema is most often seen in young children;
  • Treatments: psoriasis is usually treated with creams and lotions containing corticosteroids; while eczema is treated with antihistamines because of its allergenic factor.

The different forms of psoriasis

There are also several forms of psoriasis. The most common being plaque, which we also know as “psoriasis vulgaris”. But you can also suffer from:

  • Psoriasis in drops: it usually appears earlier than other forms of psoriasis and is in the form of small lesions less than one centimeter, which is about 0.4 inch. Psoriasis drops also affects the arms and thighs, and very rarely the face. It is usually treated with ultraviolet light, also known as blue light;
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis (a generalized form of skin inflammation);
  • Pustular psoriasis.

This skin condition can also affect many areas of the body. These will vary from person to person, so you can develop plates at:

  • Scalp (a very common form);
  • The palms of the hands and the soles of the feet;
  • Folds of the skin (such as the groin or armpits): this is called inverted psoriasis:
  • Nails.

Psoriasis and stress: the main causes of psoriasis …

If we do not yet know the precise cause of psoriasis, we know that several factors intervene in its appearance. To begin with the genetic factor since one would find a family history in more than 40% of the cases.

Stress is also one of the main causes of psoriasis. Physical as well (as an infection, injury or medication), as psychic (nervous fatigue or anxiety).

This inflammation of the skin can also be caused by a deficiency of your immune system. Indeed, our auto-immune reactions allow, in normal times, to stimulate the multiplication of the cells of our skin. In people with psoriasis, this rhythm will be too fast, which causes the formation of thick crusts.

How to prevent it effectively?

Unfortunately, it is not really possible to prevent psoriasis. On the other hand, we can slow down the frequency and decrease its intensity, especially by following the treatment prescribed by your dermatologist.

You can also follow the following tips:

  • Protect your skin well when you are exposed to the sun;
  • Reduce, even STOP, your consumption of alcohol and tobacco;
  • Learn to manage stress: psoriasis is closely linked to anxiety, it may be beneficial to follow a psychotherapy that will help you determine its psychic causes (such as disturbing events) and learn to better manage your stress.

Treat your psoriasis with natural remedies and grandmother’s therapies …

If the natural solutions and remedies of grandmother are not enough to treat deep psoriasis, they can help relieve the symptoms. Here are the most effective ? …

Lavender essential oil

100% pure therapeutic grade lavender oil from Healing Solutions

Lavender essential oil is an excellent natural remedy against psoriasis as it helps soothe stress and anxiety. So you can use it to alleviate the emotional triggers of this skin condition, but also to lessen the itchiness.

In the first case, the respiratory tract (in diffusion or inhalation) will be the most indicated. In the second, it is enough to dilute it in a neutral support (like vegetable oil, of coco for example, or a lotion) and to apply it directly on your plates of psoriasis. I personally recommend the 100% pure therapeutic grade lavender oil from Healing Solutions.

Where to buy this 100% pure therapeutic grade lavender oil from Healing Solutions? For best prices, try Amazon!

Treat psoriasis with aloe vera

aloe vera gel helps treat psoriasis

To calm inflammation caused by psoriasis, it is also very important to moisturize your skin. For this, nothing better than aloe vera gel, known not only for its nourishing properties, but also its soothing and healing qualities.

You can apply it directly on your skin, and also on your scalp (adding a little mineral water to make it more creamy). Then gently massage the aloe vera, and let act all night in case of particularly annoying thrust.

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Naturally treat psoriasis with marine lecithin

marine lecithin helps treat psoriasis

It is to the french dermatologist Paul Dupont that we owe the discovery of another very effective natural remedy against psoriasis: marine lecithin.

This natural substance contains several phospholipids that act on our nervous system.

It will not only help to reduce the symptoms, but also accelerate plaque healing.

You will find it online in different forms. Prefer the liquid to treat flares of psoriasis, and capsules for a background treatment. You can also use it in cream, to apply directly to the affected areas.

Best to buy your marine lecithin on Amazon where you will find the best quality at affordable price.

The blackcurrant buds

blackcurrant buds helps treat psoriasis

Finally, the blackcurrant buds are also recommended to overcome your psoriasis. These excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic help to relieve dry skin while boosting your immune system (thanks to its vitamin C content).

It is also a natural remedy for stress and nervous fatigue.

So you can use this tonic instead of cortisone, which will prevent you from using its many side effects. For this, just take 6 drops diluted in a glass of water morning and evening. Follow a course of two months during which you will alternate 3 weeks of treatment, and a week of rest.

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