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What is magnotherapy about? You may have heard about its wonders and need more insight into this treatment method. I believe that’s why you are on this page right now. If so, ensure you read this post completely.

Magnotherapy, which is also known as magnet therapy, is probably one of nature’s best gift to man; or something similar to magic, depending on the person you communicate with.

Magnotherapy or Magnetic Therapy is a non-invasive, natural therapy which enhances your body’s own ability to heal itself and to manage all kinds of pain including neck, back and knee pain, migraine, cramp, RSI, poor circulation, sports injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, menstruation, rheumatism, arthritis…

The Chinese were the first people to make use of magnets; the Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine (one of the earliest medical writings 2000 BC) mentions the application of magnetic stones. Cleopatra is also reputed to have slept on a Lodestone (a naturally magnetized piece of magnetite) to keep her skin looking youthful.

In the modern world, millions of people worldwide have discovered the benefits of magnetic health. Professionals and athletes in sports such as golf, athletics, tennis, ice hockey, boxing, etc. widely use magnotherapy.

The Japanese Ministry of Health now officially recognizes Magnetic Therapy; magnetic therapy devices are also registered as medical devices in many countries worldwide. It is in common use within complimentary therapies and is a non-invasive natural therapy deemed to have no health risk by the World Health Organisation.

Extract from “Just Magnotherapy”: https://www.justmagnotherapy.com/magnettherapy.php

Natural Remedies …

Foods, plants, and herbs are usually the things that come to the mind anytime there is a discussion on natural cures. You will hardly hear anyone mention magnet as a treatment option.

Magnets are rarely mentioned; yet, using magnetic powers are effective and great.

These natural remedies consist of magnotherapy, herbal therapy, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, and Reiki. There are also food suggestions on this site that provides information on foods that hinders or help illness and treatment.

There is a unique name in this field and no health recommendation would be complete if we skip this world famous brand: Bioflow.

The reason why I wanted to introduce this product in particular, it is because I came across Bioflow in 2001 or 2002; when my wife and myself returned from South Africa to “settle” in England. Bioflow was then at its beginnings and could only be purchased through an “Independent Distributor”. It was then only available within the UK.

We then both bought the “Elite Bracelet” and never took them off since, only when swimming in the sea or the swimming pool as it is our recommendation. We sleep with them, and can guarantee you that we have them on for life!

Nearly 20 years later, they still look like new. I have just discovered that they are now available on Amazon, and to my surprise, the price has not changed at all!

What is Magnotherapy About – History of Magnotherapy

Magnotherapy is one of the oldest forms of medicine (more than 6,000 years old) and was formerly referred to as Magnetic Field Therapy (MFT).

Magnotherapy is used by astronauts
Magnotherapy is used by astronauts

This treatment option was later rediscovered by NASA (used by astronauts), and since then, the popularity of this treatment method is on the rise among civilians – all thanks to its healing abilities. Magnotherapy came back to the spotlight when NASA discovered the adverse effect that occurs when one leaves the earth’s magnetic force.

Currently, there are several magnetic bracelets on the market that promises to do all sorts of things. Their prices vary (from a few dollars to more than a hundred dollars), and just like most products, what you pay for is what you get.

Magnetic bracelets that are cheaper may function, but they will normally be less effective. While top brands (the expensive ones) offer more functions and features. Ecoflow produces different Bioflow bracelets, but Elite is the only product with both magnetic fields directly opposite.

The placement of the magnetic fields on this product pulls the magnetic force through your vein. Some companies also produce items with both fields, and products with both poles tend to offer more advantages than those with one pole.

They are customers who take meds to maintain healthy blood pressure (both high and low) who purchased this bracelet and stopped the medication (based on the instruction from their doctors). I am proud to say that I was one of them.

What these magnetic bracelets do is to make your body function much more effectively and efficiently than usual.

Magnotherapy – How it works

Magnets have a natural force that has a strong link to electricity. Let’s go through small science to help you understand better …

An atom has a mass, nucleus, and electrons (one or more) moving around it. The electrons and nucleus have charges of their own, as well as their own magnetic fields. When a new magnetic field is introduced to the atom, it can change or move the electron’s orbit, encouraging greater molecular bonding (exchanging electrons or sharing electrons).

If there is no electron movement, it’s impossible for matter to change (including water, blood, and fuel). Bodies are packed with electrical communication, and for this communication to work, data needs to be transported around the body by the right electrolytes.

pH, which is the balance of alkalis and acid, will also affect how electrolytes work. The pH also forms the basis for life as well as pain. And it is responsible for the presence and circulation of oxygen in hemoglobin. Magnotherapy encourages electrolyte to pass relevant information and maintain a balanced pH.

The puls field of electromagnetic machines is in use by health care professionals to treat patients. These machines are huge and cannot operate for long periods.

A small CRP module, for instance, creates a field with a similar effect, but it does not emit any electromagnetic resonance. Thus, it can be worn or carried for longer periods without causing any side effects.

Some magnets used for therapeutic purposes are rated as “Class 1 medical device.” The rating is in accordance with the side effects that may arise from its usage, and Class 1 happens to be the lowest.

What this means is that there are no observable or visible negative side effects when a product or medicine in this class is in use.

Central Reverse Polarity

Central Reverse Polarity (CRP), by Ecoflow plc, is a magnetic technology. In CRP, the magnet polarity is reversed down the distance of the magnet. As a result, it creates a distinctive magnetic field that copies the pulsed magnetic field emitted by electromagnetic generators used by health practitioners, and hospitals.

The sole aim of CRP is to help move electrons. Any matter that moves through a CRP field is exposed to an extra “kick” of three opposed directional forces. Any molecule subjected to his field becomes more efficient.

The Central Reverse Polarity module is designed to have a field that’s concentrated in a single direction, while being shielded on the rear, offering a concentrated field.

Some product manufacturers claim you will see results within three months, and they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee for people who do not benefit from using their product – excluding handling charge.

Doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, sportspeople and veterinarians do use and recommend magnets for therapeutic purposes. 

Take note: Individuals with a pacemaker should not use or wear a magnet near the apparatus because it may affect it negatively. The magnet should be worn around the ankle or lower part of the leg if they wish to use it.

Not all doctors agree with the use of magnets for treatment, some believe that south pole magnets encourage the growth of cancer. Thus, do not use bi-pole or south pole magnets if you suffer from this issue until further research reveals if this is false or true. But till now, to my knowledge none of this has been confirmed.

Magnotherapy and Cure

This section can provide answers to the question “what is magnotherapy good for?

Magnotherapy has been proven to help with some health problems; they include:

magnotheraphy for aches and pains
Aches and Pains
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Coronary/Cardiovascular Heart Disease
  • Circulatory problems
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Depression
  • Dermatitis
  • Aging – promotes enzymatic activity which may delay aging. According to some animal studies, magnotherapy increased their lifespan.
  • Antimicrobial effect – can fight bacteria, fungi, viruses, and germs.
  • Arthritis – Magnetic therapy may be one of the most effective options to achieve relief from arthritis, according to the Journal of Rheumatology (November 1997, p. 1200). Bioflow CRP, by Ecoflow, was used in the trial and the effect reported was beneficial.
  • Central Nervous System Disorders – Dr. William Philpott feels magnotherapy can reduce seizures, delusions, hallucinations, epileptic seizures and panic, without any negative effects on the patients.
  • Nerve damage
  • Neurological disorders
  • Headache
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Kidney problems
  • Joint/bone pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscle spasms
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Hepatitis
  • Inflammation
  • Increased sports performance – magnotherapy has been used for years on racehorses for healing as well as to enhance performance. Bruce Davidson, who is a five-time Olympian, sends his horses to Equine Therapy Center in Camden, South Carolina for magnetic therapy.
  • Stress reduction
  • Sleep – magnetic pillows help improve sleep
  • Ulcers
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Surgery – some studies have shown that wearing a magnet a day or two before surgery in the incision area and after operation speeds up healing.
  • Post-Polio Syndrome – studies in a “double-blind placebo-controlled study,” which was published in the “Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,” November 1997 issue, reported pain reduction.
  • Pets also love Bioflow!
Pets love Bioflow
Pets love Bioflow

Various Reports …

You will find reports or doctor views in some of the examples mentioned above. Not all the examples listed contain this information to keep the list summarized. 

It is relevant at this point to state that some patients, in some cases, have experienced their symptoms to increase during the first 24-28 hours. It’s normal for this to happen because some part of the body that were not getting enough blood before are now functioning overtime.

Wearing the magnet for a short time at first can help to tackle this problem. You can increase time-usage gradually or you can choose to manage the discomfort if possible.

Cold-like symptoms may also arise from using this device. This happens as a result of the toxins in the body. To eliminate these toxins quickly, make sure you drink a lot of water. The more water you drink, the more you urinate; thus, removing the toxins in your body. Taking two or three glasses of water, in most scenarios, handled these symptoms within a few hours.

Data showing that magnotherapy is effective for many cases and conditions have been discovered by many prestigious institutions, like Imperial College, London, Harvard Universities, Yale, and the British Medical Journal, (December 2004).

Personal Experience

As mentioned above, my wife and myself have been using a Bioflow Elite bracelet for nearly 20 years now, it’s always on me (day and night). This bracelet has helped me a lot, especially for my arthritis, and when I had my cataract operations. My recovery was swift, and the doctors were amazed (I healed faster and better than they expected).

My wife went through two major back surgeries and her neurosurgeon was also amazed how quickly she recovered. She could be discharged earlier than she should have normally been.

The first thing we noticed when we purchased our Bioflow bracelets is how well we slept right from the first night. This is also one thing that most new users report and enjoy.

We can also attribute the fact that we have never had the flu since we bought our Bioflows back in 2002. Before that the flu got me into bed for days each and every winters.

Truth be told, buying these bracelets was one of the best decisions we have made in life.

At first, my wife did not feel any change, even when I recommend she takes the device for some days so she can tell the difference, she was still reluctant.

But she got to discover that her knee, which she has been experiencing severe pains (and waiting for her MRI scan) was no longer painful. Even when she got her result, the damage was there, but she no longer felt any pain. Although she was not healed, the pain was no more.

What did we do next? …

We recommended Bioflow to one of our lady friends who was complaining of not being able to read properly. Even with her reading glasses she experienced pain in her eyes. After a week of wearing her Bioflow bracelet, she stopped using her glasses to read.

Before then, she wore her glasses at night if she was tired or if she strained her eyes when concentrating, but ever since she has been using this bracelet, she no longer uses her glasses.

Do you want to help a friend as well? Nothing easier: all you have to do is to log onto your Twitter account and click on the bar below and that’s it …

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Not all health conditions or illnesses will be cured by magnotherapy, and this treatment option is not a substitute for visiting your doctor or a health provider.

However, magnotherapy can help to improve most conditions, such as pain relief.

Relying on magnet completely for your health is risky, and most cases require surgery or medication. But you can get a magnetic bracelet at an affordable price to reduce discomfort and possibly to minimize the use of too many medications.

Using a bi-polar bracelet can limit the excessive use of medication, but ensure you seek advice from your doctor before you stop your medication.

The only thing that will have to suffer a bit when using a magnet is your wallet – since you have to pay to get one. Even if you don’t see any visible improvements, there are no side effects from using it; thus, you can give it a try. And if it works on you, boy oh boy, you will have a friend for life!

Do not expect the same results, we are all different; thus, the reactions will be different. There is no guarantee, and a lot of individuals do not notice any change or improvement until they take the magnet off.

One may start to notice pain, discomfort and so on after taking off the magnet; this is when they start to feel the gradual improvements offered by the bracelet.


Please note that any advice, guidance or instruction that I provide here should not be a substitute for medical advice. And this is valid for any of my articles, reports and product reviews.

Ensure you visit your physician if you are using any medication or if you are skeptic following the advice offered.

Also, note that results may vary among individuals. All media content used in this post are for illustration purposes alone.

John – Owner of “Natural Health Remedies For Everyone

Hopefully this report will have brought light on what magnotherapy really is.

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  • David nelson

    Magnotherapy is either the best thing to come out of nature, or something akin to Voodoo, depending on who you talk to.When there is talk of “natural cures” people generally only think about herbs, plants and food stuffs – magnets are seldom, if ever, mentioned. Yet their powers are great, far reaching and effective.

    I also attended it at a certain time but I just had to leave and look for other medical ways but I know alot of people that have tried it and it worked for them.

    • John

      Thanks for sharing your views and experience in regards to magnotherapy David. 

      Magnet therapy doesn’t really work for everyone, I must admit. However, it has been proven that the majority of people who claim that it doesn’t work for them is because they simply refuse to accept the fact that it could work, or that it has something to do with witchcraft. 

      Which means that they may be missing on a very powerful gift of nature that could help with their aches and pains, or other health problems.

      I wish you a very healthy day!


  • Benny

    hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. i am happy to have learnt the history of magnotherapy and it is so good. i never knew that it could be used to cure to many diseases.

    • John

      I am glad that you have learned something new today Benny, and thanks for the complements on my review and blog in general.

      I wish you the best of health,



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