Here Is a Quick Cure for Psoriasis

Quick Cure for Psoriasis

Okay, we all know that there is really no known cure for psoriasis, (yet), never mind a quick cure. However, now that I have caught your attention, I would like to share with you something that I am sure will be useful to you if you are suffering from this skin condition, or someone that you know who is.

So for you, I have (finally) put together in one article the most important tips for considering a 100% natural complementary treatment for psoriasis.

Patients suffering from psoriasis know this well: hundreds of recipes and tips are available on the Internet and it is unfortunately very difficult to navigate. So I hope to help a little.

Remember that psoriasis is a skin disease that gives dermatologists a hard time and that currently only “comfort” treatments are available, because it remains impossible for medicine to “cure” psoriasis. However, always consult a medical practitioner before starting any kind of home treatment as only your doctor can diagnose psoriasis.

What’s interesting is that vegetable oils are of particular interest in improving the comfort of people with psoriasis.

In this article, I will introduce to you the benefits of calendula macerate which soothes itching, shea butter and borage oil which hydrate and repair the suffering epidermis, and finally evening primrose oil to take orally which is known to alleviate the effects of chronic inflammation.

It is still necessary to know how to combine all of this in simple and realistic care remedies, okay? So, let’s begin?

Here is your quick cure for psoriasis …

For the daily body care

A clay bath is suitable for adults and children
A clay bath is suitable for adults and children

A clay bath is suitable for adults and children. Natural methods are suitable for daily grooming and do not harm the natural acidity of the skin’s pH.

For a soft and suitable wash routine, prefer a soap-free soap (the ideal being a foaming gel without soap, certified organic, in the baby section of organic stores) or, failing this, a natural super-fatty soap such as the O Naturals body wash bar soap 100% natural made.

Two to three times a week, wash yourself gently, think about white, pink or yellow clay, which you can use to wash yourself: in the shower, once the body has been thoroughly moistened with lukewarm water, close the tap then rub gently with a good handful of white, pink or yellow powder clay. The powder turns into cleansing milk.

Once the skin is dry, apply a fine, softening vegetable oil such as borage or argan, making it penetrate well with a circular massage.

Baths are also recommended for wide spread psoriasis

But not just any how …

Maximum 2 to 3 soothing baths per week. Always take them lukewarm (30 to 34 ° C / 86 to 93.2° F) rather than warm, so as not to increase pruritus or inflammation.

In the bath, first pour a cup of white or pink clay (failing this, opt for the green one) in powder, with ½ cup of baking soda (optional).

The goal is to make the water softer, sanitizing and emollient. Once in the bath, pour on a natural sponge the equivalent of 2 or 3 tablespoons of borage oil, sweet almond, jojoba, apricot kernels or argan.

Massage the whole body with the oily sponge while bathing in water for about 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water before wiping dry with a towel. The skin will be supple, clean and soothed.

You can also find some comfort in sea salt baths. Be careful, not for babies! No need to go to the Dead Sea for this, you can make your own bath salts easily with the recipe below.

My aromatic bath salts for psoriasis …

This recipe is only for cases of psoriasis which are not very extensive and not very itchy, and for an adult who is not pregnant:

For a large bath, pour successively in a jar or in a very clean salad bowl:

If you are officially allergic to one of the essential oils listed above, or if you should not use it medically, simply do not add it.

Mix the preparation with a spatula or pestle to obtain oil-soaked salts. Then spread the preparation in the bath water. Stay immersed for at least 15 minutes in the bath. You can rub gently with a damp natural sponge.

At the end of the bath, dab carefully with the towel, without rinsing. You should take this aromatic bath once or twice a week at most. It is important to consider it as a moment of relaxation.

For skin care

Once the skin is cleansed, it is beneficial to massage the body and in particular the psoriasis plaques with an emollient, hydrating and repairing product at the same time.

If the plates are not too large, Shea Butter is essential …

It repairs, protects and fights against inflammation. On the other hand, it is a little more difficult to apply than an oil since it is necessary to first heat it in the hands to make it penetrating. Ideal if your psoriasis plates are the size of a hand for example.

For larger areas, organic borage oil is very suitable. Rich in good omega 6 fatty acids, it prevents inflammation as much as it hydrates and softens the skin.

If psoriasis is recalcitrant or installed for a long time, black seed oil is really to be tested. It sometimes has a very rapid effect on the most difficult cases.

To be honest with you, the aim of the above treatment is mainly to give more comfort to the skin, you can vary the pleasures by massaging in turn the borage or the nigella, or even the argan or the calendula. This last oil is a must if the itching is very present.

Patches of psoriasis well circumscribed at the hairline or ears is treated well with borage oil.

A quick cure for scalp psoriasis

Take as often as possible a capillary bath with calendula or sweet almond oil, massaging the generously soaked plates and leaving on for at least 1 hour before rinsing with a very mild shampoo.

If you wish, you can create a specific care oil, enriched with essential oils to benefit from their healing power, sanitizing and anti-inflammatory action.

My special psoriasis flavored skincare oil …

In a 50 ml amber or bluish glass bottle, successively pour:

If you are officially allergic to any of the essential oils listed or if you should not use them medically, simply do not add them. Do not use the recipe on a child under 3 years old please. Not suitable for pregnant women.

Apply this odd-smelling oil 2 times a day to the affected areas after cleaning and gently drying them. The use of this “miraculous” mixture must be daily, until a noticeable improvement is observed.

In all cases of psoriasis, and even when there is no skin problems, I highly recommend sleepwear with a high percentage of natural knitted fiber such as cotton bamboo, etc. and not more than 5% spandex.

It’s amazingly beneficial against itching! There are T-shirts, boxer shorts and even gloves in combed cotton woven with silver thread which sanitizes and reduces irritation. They are worn in the evening like pajamas, or during the day under clothing if the case is difficult.

The evening primrose oil capsules …

Evening primrose oil capsules are also recommended daily. Depending on the brand, there will be 2 to 4 capsules of evening primrose oil per day to be taken with meals.

Finally, throughout each day, also remember the pleasure of living without stress, favor moments of relaxation, escapades in the sun (a friend for psoriatic skin, in moderation like most good things) and also avoid tobacco, drugs and alcohol.

Little friendly tip: Don’t let psoriasis takeover your thoughts. Think about it positively while taking care of it (positive thinking tips here) and put love in your hands. Then think no more about it and try not to be embarrassed to expose yourself, it is not a shameful disease, although annoying, it is just a skin disorder.

I know it’s easier said than done, so I’m sending you here, right now, just as you are reading these words, a big gush of love and encouragement. ?

And what about you? What is your experience with psoriasis? How are you doing? Do you believe in the disputed link with stress?

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