About Genital Psoriasis in Men

genital psoriasis in men

Genital involvement is described in 33 to 49% of men with psoriasis. Also, genital involvement can be isolated (2 to 5% of men) or, more frequently, accompanied by lesions located outside the genitals (elbows, knees, scalp, etc.).

In our previous article we talked about the genital psoriasis in women, so this article represents a normal continuation of this series.

Are there several forms of genital psoriasis?

Lesions can be located on the penis, scrotum or inguinal folds (or groin folds, located at the top of the thighs). Damage to the scrotum or glans in circumcised men is characterized by inflammation (redness or erythema) and dander.

On the contrary, in uncircumcised men and in the inguinal folds, redness is frequently observed, the typical scales of psoriasis being absent due to the local humidity. Also, itching (pruritus), a burning sensation or even pain is sometimes present.

How to treat / cure genital psoriasis in men?

What treatments are suitable for curing this localization?

Above all, treatments must be suitable to the specifics of this genital location: sensitive, easily irritated thin skin.

As a first intention, local treatments in conformity with dermocorticoids and / or derivatives of vitamin D are common, and by preferring creams and lotions to ointments, the latter being able to aggravate maceration.

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The so-called systemic treatments (tablets and biotherapies) are only prescribed in the event of extensive skin damage, and not for isolated genital damage.

How to reduce the pain or itching caused by psoriasis on the penis?

The application of fresh water may also reduce the “baking” nature of the plates. Local hydration can reduce itching, thanks to milks or emollient creams, but by excluding scented products on the one hand, and excessively fatty forms such as balms and ointments on the other hand.

Which personal hygiene products to use?

Using greasy soaps, cleansing gels for personal hygiene and better still, syndets (or synthetic detergents) will limit drying of the skin and mucous membranes.

I can also recommend, in order to limit local humidity, a thorough drying after washing, by dabbing with a towel rather than rubbing, or even using a hair dryer at medium temperature.

Then, I recommend that you apply a good moisturizer for sensitive skins, like the …

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Some men prefer to use a moisturizer in a spray for, in this case I recommend the …

Omeza Omega 3 Oil – Moisturizing Body Oil for Skins Prone to Eczema, Dry Skin and Psoriasis

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What kind of clothes can you wear?

Natural (cotton) and synthetic fiber underwear and loose pants should be the preference to reduce perspiration and limit local moisture.

Is the buttock fold systematically affected when there is genital involvement?

If the involvement of the inter-gluteal fold is frequent in cases of localized psoriasis at the inguinal folds, it is more rare in case of psoriasis of the scrotum or the penis.

The hygienic advice and the principle of treatment of genital psoriasis also apply to psoriasis of the buttock fold.

Appropriate advice and remarks

Can you use a condom in the midst of psoriasis?

While some men report worsening of their genital psoriasis with condom use, others indicate that it facilitates intercourse by reducing frictional trauma.

It is therefore up to each patient to assess the effects of the condom on his psoriasis, the important thing being to use another method of contraception and / or prevention of sexually transmittable infections if you do not use the condom.

Should we avoid intercourse with penetration if the penis is inflamed?

You should only avoid intercourse if psoriasis makes them uncomfortable or even painful. You can obtain an increase in comfort by using a lubricating gel.

Can Psoriasis Cause Sexual Disorders?

Sexual disturbances are present, to varying degrees, in 25 to 70% of psoriasis patients, and are more common in cases of genital involvement.

These disorders can affect the libido, erection (impotence), or ejaculation.

After eliminating an organic cause other than psoriasis (hormonal, neurological or vascular disorder), treatment (drugs or psychotherapy) may be considered.

How to differentiate men genital psoriasis from mycosis?

Can we also have both at the same time?

Genital psoriasis can indeed become infected and become a complication by a yeast infection.

We should suspect a yeast infection in the event of a relapse of genital psoriasis even when the treatment is well conducted, or in the event of the appearance of genital lesions different from the initial psoriasis.

In case of doubt, a local mycological sample will be taken to authenticate the mycosis.

Can we confuse genital psoriasis and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection)?

It is usually easy for a dermatologist to clinically distinguish a genital psoriasis from an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection), but in case of doubt, he can make local or blood samples for infection, or even perform a skin biopsy genital to authenticate psoriasis and eliminate an STI possibility.

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  • Rob

    Thanks for writing about an uncomfortable subject, both literally and figuratively.  

    I have used Puriya before.  It is an amazing product and I hate creams and lotions.  My doctor had recommended it to me for dealing with some windburn and the effects of working in the cold.  I liked that it didn’t have a greasy feel to it.

    I continued to use it for my eczema and it helped greatly.

    • John

      That’s right Rob, Puriya is really like a magic remedy for everything concerning skin care. Doctors happily recommend it, as there are no side effects in any case.

      Have a great and healthy day!


  • Feji ben

    Hello there we have had this case of genital psoriasis in my family and after alot of trial we were told that Ultraviolet B (UVB) light can be used to treat some locations of genital psoriasis. The doses tend to be lower than those used to treat psoriasis on other areas of the body due to concern about sunburn.but I didn’t know how this case was solve fully but I think with what I have read from your article thing would be made easy when treating cases like this

    • John

      Thanks very much for sharing your experience Ben. That’s right, Ultraviolet B (UVB) light is excellent for treating psoriasis. 

      I have written an article on that not too long ago: Successful Blue Light Therapy For Psoriasis but one must be careful not to expose ourselves to the rays longer than the prescribed period, and this more especially when it comes to tender places such as our genitals. 

      Have an excellent day!


  • Benny

    hello great review. i understand that Genital psoriasis is a type of the skin condition psoriasis that you get on or around your genitals. also, Sometimes that may be the only place where you have it. though many people have itchy, red patches on other parts of their body at the same time. a friend of mine was down with this disease, he was lucky.

    • John

      Hi Benny,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject and although psoriasis is not totally curable, I am glad that your friend managed to keep it at bay, which is totally possible. It would be very useful if you could share with us what method your fried used for that.

      Thanks very much,


  • Danijel

    Hello John, I must saz that this article is very helpful and informative. Honestly, I did not know much about psoriasis in men and how it appears. My cousin suffer from this kind of disease and he confessed to me that he has a problem with erectile dysfunction which can be really annoying. I will point him to this article, he will definitely find it helpful and useful.

    • John

      That’s right Danijel, if you could share this article with your friend it might most likely be of great help to him and his erectile dysfunction as once he will have solved his genital psoriasis issue he might very well recover from his erectile problem.

      Thanks for doing that.



  • MrBiizy

    Hello John, thank you for taking your time to put this piece together and for sharing with us. The phrase genital psoriasis use to be new to me before. When I read your previous post “genital psoriasis in women” yesterday, I got an insight into it and now you’re sharing one for men. So educative.

    My kind regard.

    • John

      I am glad that my articles are teaching you a lot of new things MrBizzy, and thanks for being such an avid reader of my blog posts.

      I wish your an excellent day!


  • Hi Jessie

    This information you provide is nice to know in the event that we have family members that battle this type of skin disorder.

    I have known a handful of people that have experienced this and did not know how to make it clear up or stay in a state of remission so to speak. 

    You have a variety of choices to pick from which is great …


    • John

      Thanks very much for visiting my website and for taking the time to comment on this blog post Jessie. You might like to share this article with the people you know that are affected by this skin disorder as they might not know that there is a way out off it.

      Thanks for doing that Jessie and have a great day.



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