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Psoriasis is believed to be one of the incurable skin condition and recurring autoimmune skin disorder along with eczema. More than 2% people are affected by this skin disorder worldwide, according to the highly trustable information website Wikipedia. The medical world has failed to find the cause of it. It is known that till now there is no such medication or treatment available which treats or cures this skin condition or helps to get rid of the root. Psoriasis is chronic, inflammatory autoimmune skin disease in which skin cells speeds up their growth by multiple times or said to be exponential growth because of the faulty immune system. This disorder is developed on the body areas like elbows, back, forehead, knees, scalp underarms, under the breasts and other parts of the body as well. This condition is recognized by a thick red patchy skin and white flakes. dry, cracked skin, itching, burning, or soreness. These are symptoms of psoriasis.

How to cure psoriasis by Holistic Healing Approach?

The cure for psoriasis has not yet been discovered but still, it is treated and controlled. Researchers are trying to find what exactly causes psoriasis but they somehow found some medication like steroids based topical treatment which help to control and live a better life. Creams, shampoos, and oils are known as topical treatment medications which are applied directly on the skin. A few common medications are based on coal tar and salicylic acid which are used in creams and coal tar. These are simple application based treatments but some treatments like steroidal immunosuppressants are given to the patient to treat body immune system. As it just calms down the immune system and need to be given on a lifetime basis to the patient and steroid has its own side effect. Steroidal can damage the liver in a long run if it is taken to control psoriasis.

That’s why a Holistic Healing approach is attracting more and more people to manage their psoriasis.

Holistic healing of psoriasis treatment is based on the principle that the internal body is not in order and it is connected to the body metabolism which affects the skin directly, resulting in skin flakes and other issues.

There are 5 aspects of Holistic Healing approach:

  • Healthy dietary changes
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Managing stress
  • Use of natural herbs and supplements
  • Using non-steroidal topical treatments

Psoriasis Diet

One of the basic and most important parts of the holistic healing process is diet. Disorder in metabolism and a poorly working liver with stress can make this condition worse by increasing toxins in the body. Body detoxification is one of the best ways to overcome psoriasis by consuming a diet which is easy to digest and provide better immunity. fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains makes an ideal diet plan which helps body immune system to get somewhat in order and fight against this skin condition. In psoriasis, it is good to consume lots of green vegetables, fresh juice and lots of water which helps to balance body ph (slightly alkaline).

Allergy causing foods, animal food products like dairy and red meat, caffeinated drinks, highly processed foods like the bakery, pizza and pasta and sweetened carbonated drinks must be avoided. alcohol and smoking must be avoided or if possible must be minimized. 

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