Best Natural Skin Care for Aging Skin – 7 Natural Miracle Solutions

best natural skin care for aging skin

Although this website was initially created to help psoriasis suffers, many of my readers asked me if I could from time offer some advice on natural skin care in general so, this first article will concern aging skin.

Hopefully, this will attract enough interest for me to continue along those lines. So, let us begin …

To rejuvenate the skin and slow the effects of aging, natural solutions have far more benefits than creams from the cosmetic industry.

Aging is natural, of course. But this is often difficult to accept because of the more or less significant changes that time marks on the body, and especially on the face.

There is no shortage of ideas in the cosmetics industry to rejuvenate the skin with so-called anti-wrinkle so-called effective and … always quite chemical, right?

So, here I will help you discover some natural anti-wrinkles, and you will be happy to know that they have three advantages as they are …

  • economical
  • ecological
  • and effective

7 Natural skin care recipes for aging skin

You will certainly agree with me that whether we are concerned with our psoriasis or aging skin, or both, we should always start with a proper diet, okay? Then from there we can follow a natural treatment that will work best.

So, here below I will be suggesting a few that have been reported to be economical, ecological and most importantly effective!

1 – As always, we can trust aloe vera

The aloe vera plant
The aloe vera plant

Rich in amino acids, minerals, trace elements, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, E), but also in enzymes, the aloe vera leaf offers several beneficial properties for health. Its action to beautify the skin is proven to be effective to date.

The aloe vera :

  • deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • re-balances the skin pH
  • and stimulates cell multiplication of fibroblasts in the dermis.

And that’s not all ! This plant also has anti-inflammatory, healing, softening and protective properties. In short, it is an incomparable natural beauty product, an essential ally for the skin and completely harmless!

2 – What about cocoa to rejuvenate the skin?

Chocolate is good for stress and depression. But what is less known is that chocolate is also very good for the skin!

But where does cocoa come from? …

Cocoa seems to have come from the Amazon basin (nothing to do with the giant tech company though), but it is a huge area located in South America.

Cocoa is good for natural skin care for aging skin
Cocoa is good for natural skin care for aging skin

The first traces are found in Central America and more particularly in Mexico in the Yucatan peninsula and in the Orinoco basins.

Originally cultivated by the Mayans (250 AD to 900 AD), this people had found multiple uses for cocoa: beans as a bargaining chip and a bitter, fortifying and alleged aphrodisiac: Xocoatl, the “drink of the Gods“.

Now, cocoa is well known for its use in the form of chocolate.

Indeed, cocoa contains vitamin E and flavonoids which exert a natural antioxidant activity fighting against aging of the skin.

Cocoa also contains proteins which have hydrating properties, and pure unsaponifiables, extracted from cocoa butter, which stimulate fibroblasts for the synthesis of collagen and elastin essential for the firmness of the skin.

Organic cocoa butter …

An active, nourishing and softening butter for dry and mature skin. It is available on Amazon at a very good price …

Cocoa butter can be used as is, spread in the palms of the hands, but it is also very efficient when a couple of table spoons full (or more) are poured in the bath water.

3 – Essential oils for the skin

Essential oils contain natural anti-aging active ingredients to regenerate the skin and refresh your look.

But of course, each essential oil has its own particularities. To firm the facial skin, it is best to opt for essential oils of rose, myrtle, or carrot.

The one that I can highly recommend is …

How to proceed ? Once your essential oil is chosen, mix a drop in a little bit of vegetable oil like avocado oil for example, or in your usual day cream.

Please note: essential oils must be used in low doses! Their very powerful action requires dilution.

Also, avoid using essential oils if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have very reactive skin (in this case, you can perform a test in the crease of the elbow).

4 – Floral water for the skin

Obtained after distillation of a plant, the floral water acts as a radiance boost for the skin while refreshing it.

While blueberry floral water applied as a compress helps decongest swollen eyes, mint floral water restores radiance to the skin.

Rose floral water tones, chamomile floral water regenerates the epidermis. You just have to choose! Floral waters are generally used after makeup removal or as a toner.

5 – Organic Chamomile floral water

Soothing and calming, organic chamomile floral water is an excellent face toner and tightens pores.

On deeply cleansed skin, spray the floral water on your face. You can then wipe with a cotton pad. Also available on Amazon for best quality and price …

6 – Anti-oxidant foods to rejuvenate the skin …

It’s not just natural skincare products that promote youthful skin! There is also food! This is why, it is important to privilege a certain type of food to offer a beautiful skin for a long time.

Here is a small list of allied skin foods to eat regularly when the season allows:

  • Potato,
  • Fish,
  • Nuts,
  • Avocado,
  • Spinach,
  • Grapefruit,
  • Raisins
  • Lemon,
  • Red fruits
  • Green tea

7 – Facial gym to rejuvenate the skin

To avoid the appearance of wrinkles, there is nothing better than facial exercises!

Facial yoga for skin maintenance

Performed daily for 5 min, this facial gymnastics which consists of working all the muscles of the face, keeps skin toned while erasing the effects of stress.

Who would have thought that making faces in front of a mirror could make you look younger? And it can be real fun too!

Here below is a little YouTube video which will show you a few exercises that can help you toning your facial skin and look like a million dollar …

Facial yoga is a natural and holistic method to keep or regain a youthful and radiant face by the combined use of 3 techniques:

  • Toning of the facial muscles
  • Auto massages
  • Stimulation of energy points

Through muscle toning, self-massage and stimulation of energy points, facial yoga comes to deeply strengthen the facial tissues and thus allows to sculpt, model and restructure.

Existing wrinkles are thus very clearly attenuated, as is the appearance of new wrinkles.

And to add to your natural skin care for aging skin knowledge and success, here are few books I have selected for you on Amazon …

And complete your your daily routine, the indispensable …

Clay to rejuvenate the skin

Since the dawn of time, clay has been able to reveal to the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Indians its purifying and soothing virtues. Rich in mineral salts and trace elements, clay deeply cleanses the skin by destroying pathogenic germs.

While green clay, very rich in iron oxides, removes impurities and regenerates fragile tissues, the red clay brightens the complexion. If you apply a clay mask, avoid the eyes area, leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. To renew once a week.

Purifying and nourishing stimulates the regeneration process of the skin. As a mask, it is recommended for those with oily and sensitive skin.

Very absorbent, red clay is also recommended to relieve skin irritations and relieve and muscle pain.

Other great reads …

Hope you enjoyed reading this natural skin care for aging skin article.

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