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How to treat Psoriasis in ear canal — 16 Comments

    • Thanks for your comment Frank. You are lucky to know very little about Psoriasis, simply because you do not suffer from this skin condition. It is something that can become awful for some folks out there. It can be controlled in many cases, and fortunately completely cured when using the holistic approach, and without any side effects as with the conventional treatments, which is a big bonus. If you do know people around you who are suffering from Psoriasis, please do share this blog with them, they will forever be grateful to you.

      I wish you to stay free of Psoriasis.


  1. Interesting read I must say. I have never had this issue but this looks like a good way to find out about the condition. I do agree that a healthy mind and body come from within.

    • Thanks for visiting my site and for your comment David. Keeping our body and mind healthy is the secret to curing any conditions, whether it is a skin condition, a virus or whatever. It is important to make use of what nature has given us rather than having to depend on man made medications.

      Keep well and safe.


    • Thanks for your comment Daniel. I am preparing more material to be posted soon, so please bookmark this website and come back to it often.

      Best wishes,


  2. I wished that I knew this information 20 years ago. I was dating a man with psoriasis on his head and in his ears. I used to have to put this black tarry stuff in his ears with a cotton swab. I do believe that all things can be cured with diet and lifestyle changes.

    • Thanks for sharing the experience of your ex date (and yours while helping him). I must admit this “black tarry stuff” worked well but as you will recall, was not very pleasant for you to apply and for him to keep on, but that was 20 years ago. Now there are much easier products to apply, but the side effects are still there. I am glad that you also believe that a healthy diet is the way forward to prevent and cure many problems.

      I wish you a very healthy lifestyle,


  3. While searching web I found your website and the title got my attention. As I started to read my interest grew and learned a few things. I am always sticking something in my ear when it is irritating me. Now I realize the chances I was taking by risking serious harm. The psoriasis in an ear seems to be an easy fix that would never have happen if you took these preventive measures you speak of.

    • I am glad that you learned something from my blog Maurice. The ear canal is a very complex mechanism that we should treat with great respect, and once damaged it could be forever. As we say “prevention is better than cure”, so the “Psoriasis Revolution™”program can be used as a prevention as well as a cure, and can work for many other health issues.

      Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a very healthy and happy life.


  4. You are spot on John about holistic alternatives. I am not familiar with psoriasis in the ear specifically, but I believe using food, plants, and herbs as medicine is a better long term solution. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Hi Claudette,

      Thanks very much for your comment. Fortunately, more and more people realise that “you are what you eat”, therefore a good dietary program will not only keep Psoriasis away but also all sorts of health issues. I have had reports from Psoriasis sufferers that after following the “Psoriasis Revolution™” program they have had other health issues sorted.

      Best wishes for a healthy life,


  5. I was looking for some information for a loved one who suffers with his ailment. Thank you so very much for being knowledgeable and for delivering the information about lifestyle. It can’t be easy to confront people. Your words also challenged my lifestyle choices. I do believe that genetically I am strong but I have misused my strength and I’ve become weak over the years.

    • Thanks for stopping by Alan and I am glad that you find my website useful. As you say, our immune system weakens with age and it becomes necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle early on if we don’t want to become dependent on drugs.

      I wish you the very best for a healthy life.


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