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Chocolate Pastry Cream Recipe – Another Easy Recipe … — 2 Comments

  1. Hello and thank you for sharing this recipe that looks quick, easy, and tasty! I am not based in the same part of the world as you, so I’ve got to make some adjustments to the measurements, which should be pretty standard. Quick question though, what is “caster” sugar? In my local stores, we have granulated sugar (white table sugar), powdered sugar, and brown sugar. Do you think it is one of these or something that is only available in select regions?

    • Thanks very much for your comment Aly.

      Caster, or castor, sugar is a type of fine granulated sugar that’s widely available in the United Kingdom. It’s not quite as common in the United States, though you can find it in some baking aisles under the name “superfine sugar.” Its texture is somewhere between regular granulated sugar and confectioners’ sugar.

      Then, 100 gr = 3.52 oz

      Hope this helps you and happy baking.

      John 😋

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