Foods That Aggravate Psoriasis

foods that aggravate psoriasis

Are there foods that aggravate psoriasis? As you might expect, yes, there are … but, there are also some foods that can help reducing the symptoms of psoriasis and many other skin issues.

Which are they? This is what we are going to talk about in this article, so stay with us.

A little recap to start with, which will help us understand how and why some foods are good for such condition, and some not:

Psoriasis is an inflammatory autoimmune skin disease. The cells renew much quicker, which causes itching.

We know today that this disease has a genetic cause, but it also relates to the lifestyle. How much nutrition is involved in the onset and development of psoriasis?

In this article we will talk about the link between diet and psoriasis. As a psoriasis sufferer myself, since as long as I can remember, I have learned just about everything that is to be known about this skin problem, including the introduction of certain diets to help reducing the nuisance and pains induced by this condition.

For those who have other skin problems, this could also be for you. So, I invite you stay with us as well.

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As a reminder, I have already posted an article on the subject of What Foods To Avoid For Psoriasis, so you might like to refer to it as well.

We will also discuss in details the foods to avoid and favor if you have psoriasis.

The skin: responsible for evacuating toxins

foods that aggravate psoriasis

Psoriasis, eczema, acne, herpes, dermatitis: our skin is prone to many dermatological disorders. Even though these skin problems differ from each other, they still have one thing in common: a form of toxemia.

The skin is what we call an emunctory. Emunctories are organs that evacuate waste to maintain the internal balance of our body.

Emunctories are: intestines, kidneys, lungs, liver and skin. They therefore ensure the elimination of toxins.

You understand then that if some emunctories do not do their job well or are saturated, “the rubbish bins will not be out any more“.

When food waste is not properly removed by the liver, intestines or kidneys, elimination work can no longer be done through normal routes of elimination (such as feces and urine). It is therefore a form of toxemia that is expressed through the skin.

What are the triggers for psoriasis flares?

Stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, toxic thoughts, environment, are factors that aggravate psoriasis. But not only. Inadequate nutrition can also cause psoriasis flare-ups.

There is increasing talk of intestinal “hyperpermeability” (which is an above than the regular permeability of the gut for example) in people with psoriasis. The waste would pass through the intestinal membrane and move towards the skin to be eliminated.

A weak liver can also increase the symptoms. If the liver does not do its job of filtering toxins, they tend to be evacuated through the skin.

So, what diet to adopt if you have psoriasis? Although no diet has proven its effectiveness in an indisputable way, there are ways that have brought significant improvements to many patients.

What are the foods that aggravate psoriasis?

Some foods are suspected to aggravate psoriasis. That said, everything depends on the person. Some people will react to dairy products, others to “Solanaceae“.

Here are some foods to avoid if you have psoriasis:

Acidic and acidifying foods

“Acidic” foods disrupt the acid-base balance of the body. This is the case of refined products, cold cuts, red meats, cheese, white sugar, alcohol … Indeed, these foods are pro-inflammatory and increase the risk of inflammation of the skin.

foods that aggravate psoriasis
One type of “Solanaceae”

Also called “Nightshades” are eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, peppers, paprika and cayenne pepper. Some people with psoriasis are intolerant to this type of food.

Industrial products in general

They are often full of preservatives, added sugars and bad fats. These products tend to increase inflammation as well.

Gluten, dairy products, soy …

For some, gluten or dairy products trigger psoriasis outbreaks. But again, this is not systematic. In fact, gluten is a digestive permeability factor, and it is often associated with inflammatory diseases. It disrupts the state of the intestinal mucosa (mucous membrane) and promotes an imbalance of microbiota bacteria.

Gluten is found in wheat, spelled wheat, oats, rye and barley. We must therefore turn to cereals without gluten: buckwheat, rice, quinoa, small spelled, millet, etc.

How can you tell if you are sensitive to certain foods? It may be interesting to do a test by removing the consumption of certain foods for a period of time to determine which food are good for you, and which are not suitable.

Which foods should you favor?

The most important thing is to have a balanced diet that best suits your terrain. Favor a diet that fights against inflammatory phenomena.

Here are the types of foods to prefer if you have psoriasis:

  • Oil seeds, whole grains, legumes that are high in fiber.
  • Fruits and vegetables (preferably organic) that are major sources of antioxidants.
  • Sulfur foods such as leeks, garlic, onion, cabbages.
  • Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids that fight against inflammation: linseed oil, crushed flax seeds, nuts, chia. Fatty fish are unfortunately more and more polluted. However, they remain an excellent source of omega-3 to consume more episodically. Choose smaller fish that contain less mercury: sardines, herring and mackerel.
  • Probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Spices like ginger and turmeric that are powerful anti-inflammatories.

From time to time, a “mono diet” is also something that you can consider doing. The mono diet or even a weekly fast offer to the organism the possibility of relieving the eliminatory organs.

An adequate diet can also help healthy weight loss and thus reduce your psoriasis. Studies show that psoriasis can lessen with a few pounds less.

But, what exactly is a mono diet?

It is as simple as eating only one type of food as a meal, and in sufficient quantity in order to not be hungry until the next meal. By not mixing food, it would make digestion easier.

The most common mono diets take place with vegetable products: grapes, or vegetable juices, sometimes whole rice, or apples …

The idea is not really to lose weight but more to purify the body, including the liver and the intestinal system, to eliminate toxins. I therefore consider a mono diet rather a detox cure that rests the digestive system than a diet.

But a regular, or longer term, mono diet will still have an immediate impact on your weight and your waist line.

A food program that cleans, restores energy, provides vitamins, and regenerates the body and skin. A perfect after a series of rich and heavy meals, like the holiday season for example.

Can we cure psoriasis with adequate nutrition?

In some cases, the symptoms can be greatly improved by some changes in eating habits.

In general, a healthy, balanced diet relieves symptoms and improves overall health. If the body works better overall, the results will be positive on the skin too!

However, the cause of psoriasis is multi-factorial for most people who suffer from it.

Diet is one of the keys to relieve the skin. But in the case of psoriasis, you have to go even further and have psycho-emotional support. Often a better management of your emotions helps to solve skin diseases.

If you have psoriasis, it is important to soothe your nervous system. The skin is an indicator of our emotional well-being. It is even a continuation of our nervous system and reflects our emotional state.

If you experience stress, deep fears, guilt, anger, your skin will express itself in its own way. Do you know that psoriasis can be related to a conflict of aggression or separation?

Hypnosis, psychotherapy, sophrology, meditation, yoga, are techniques that can be extremely useful.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend that you work together on your diet and managing your emotions to effectively treat your psoriasis.

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Thanks for reading

psoriasis and happiness

Avoiding foods that aggravate psoriasis should be automatic for someone who is suffering from this skin problem.

I hope that this article will help you if you are concerned or you know someone that it might help.

If you know of any other natural remedies and would like to share them with us, you are welcome to do so here below. Any questions? Please use the box below and I, or someone, will respond as soon as possible.

If you are creating your own psoriasis home remedies that work, please do share them with us. Also feel free to share this socially. I will be very much appreciate it!

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  • Desa

    I don’t have psoriasis but I due suffer from a come and go form of eczema on my hands and I had suspected it was related to food and stress. It had only developed in the last few years and I started to notice the pattern of high stress periods and certain processed food consumption would be followed almost instantly with eczema flareups on my hands.

    Thank you for writing this very informative article. Now as I am in the process of making changes in my diet, I feel more confident about what I should consider eliminating altogether. 

    • John

      Thanks for being a regular visitor of my website Desa, and for commenting on my “Foods That Aggravate Psoriasis” article. I am quite sure that you have consulted your doctor to make sure that the skin problem in your hands is not psoriasis related, so the best thing to do is to follow any good diet, which is good for anything anyway. 

      As you are already noticing improvements after making some changes in your diet, then look no further and continue doing what you are doing. 

      My readers would certainly love knowing about your diet. If you have any recommendations, please post them here.

      Looking forward to seeing you here again soon.


      P.S. Here are a few good articles that I can recommend too:

      A Skin Disorder Diet

      Is CBD Oil Good For Psoriasis?

  • Celeste

    Hi John,

    I have never suffered from psoriasis myself, however I used to have a terrible problem with acne. I adjusted my diet and started eating less toxic foods and my acne improved. All I do now is maintain my diet and my skin is clear. This shows that what you eat really can make a big difference like you say! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • John

      Thanks very much for sharing your experience with us Celeste and I am glad that you solved your acne problem with a proper diet. That’s right, it is amazing how much we are destroying our health by eating toxic foods, or the wrong kinds of foods.

      Here are two articles that I have written sometime ago which may be also be of interest to you:

      – A Skin Disorder Diet

      – Is CBD Oil Good For Psoriasis?

      Although, I am explaining how CBD oil helps with psoriasis, it is also very good for all sorts of skin problems (and many other health issues), including acne, and it is also available in different form such as in capsules form which can be easier to use, as some readers have reported.

      I wish you the very best of health Celeste.


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    • Thanks for sharing your experience with HSV and how this dr_angel has helped you. He certainly is your angel. It would have been useful if you would have shared some details about this angel doctor.

      I wish you the very best,



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