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Psoriasis and the immune system — 8 Comments

  1. A great article about a distressing condition that appears to be getting more prevalent. I have a neighbour who suffered with this disease and was prescribed chemo type drugs. The drugs seemed to make the problem worse. He wore shorts and sleeveless shirts all the time because his skin lesions were so sore. He is now off all the drugs and his psoriasis is all but gone. The answer? Magnesium! If he does not take his daily doses of a magnesium supplement, the problem flares up again.

    • Thanks for sharing you neighbour’s experience with his psoriasis, which proves that drugs can have serious unpredictable side effects and that it is often better to leave it alone and let nature take care of it. I wish him great success with his regular intake of magnesium supplement, but if he really wanted to get rid of his psoriasis completely and to stop taking his daily magnesium intake at the same time, which might cause him other problems in the long run, he should really consider to cure it holistically, which is totally side effects free.

      Best regards,


      • Hi John and thanks for answering my comment. It is a misconception that magnesium can cause problems and side effects. What is not generally known is that around 80% of the population is magnesium deficient and as this mineral is needed in every one of our 37+ trillion cells, the affect of being deficient can be the cause of numerous health conditions, some life threatening. Allopathic medicine does not recognise the value of magnesium nor the dangers of being deplete. Magnesium is necessary in 6 of the 8 steps of the Krebs cycle which produces our energy in the mitochondria. Mitochondrial dysfunction is the root cause of much of our health problems. Holistic yes, but don’t ignore your magnesium! Great site by the way!

        • Thanks for sharing your expertise on this subject Ches, and for clarifying this point in great details about magnesium. My readers will certainly appreciate your input.

          I wish you the very best,


  2. Hello here. This skin condition seems as the unpleasant one. The immune system is best protector but in this case something is messed up.
    Can be it genetics or stress?
    I heard that people suffer and can not rid from it year after year.
    I wonder if science found out why the body produces more of killer cells? Killers cells are powerful and they do plenty of good job as removing invaders.
    However for me it seems as autoimmune disease.
    I hope that sooner or later real medicine would be discovered for people who suffer from psoriasis.
    All the best,be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    • Hello Nemira,

      Thanks for your comment. It is really an unpleasant condition that can be very painful for some people, to the point that there has been some situations where sufferers couldn’t bear it anymore and attempted suicide. You are right to say that the tole of the immune system is to protect the body, but at times the skin condition becomes stronger than the immune system for many reasons, this is why we are prescribed medication that is supposed to weaken the psoriasis and/or strengthen the immune system, but as explained, it doesn’t always work and they have their inevitable side effects. However the holistic approach acts totally naturally on the condition by improving the immune sytem, and most importantly, has no side effects.

      I wish you the very best of health and wealth as well Nemira.


  3. I have heard that about 10% of us have genes that make us more susceptible to getting psoriasis but, only 2% or 3% of us actually get it.

    I have had onsets of mild to medium psoriasis from bug bites, sunburn, a cold or flu, dry weather, stress, and even high blood pressure medications.

    I have been through a number of topical creams (Dovonex, Dritho-Scalp, Neutrogena, etc). They help abate the condition temporarily. But, the psoriasis always returns eventually.

    Now that your article has made me aware of the connection between my immune system and my psoriasis problem, I am convinced that it is worth trying the holistic approach you suggest.

    Thanks, for writing this, John. It was a real eye-opener!


    • Thanks for your comment and for sharing your personal experience Jim. It is interesting to see that everyone has different reactions to medications, and how quickly or slowly it appears or disappears. I have had strange experiences with mine, once when I lived in Florida, where we wear short pants (bermuda type, at knee length) all year round, my psoriasis appeared behind both knees, and as my shorts were rubbing right at that place it was just horrible, it became raw, and with sweat, it was unbearable. I had to roll my pants up above my knees. I left Florida, and within a week, it just disappeared. Not that I think for a moment that Florida had anything to do with it, but it is just to show that psoriasis can come and go at any time for any reasons, even without any medications. Since I am keeping my psoriasis under control holistically, I don’t need to worry where, when or how it will erupt.

      I wish you the very best of health Jim.


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