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  1. I have heard there is no cure for psoriasis but when I was in my early 20s, I had an outbreak at the base of my skull and I used tar shampoo on it. It completely cleared up and has not come back still twelve years later. It did seem to get worse when I picked at it, so I think leaving it be is a key factor like you mentioned.

    • Thanks for sharing your personal experience with Psoriasis Katie. That is correct, there is no cure for Psoriasis, we can only find a certain degree of relief. You are one of the lucky ones who can cope with it. It maybe that you are applying positive thinking, knowingly or not, good for you, keep doing what you are doing, but by all means, do not pick at it. Read some of the natural treatments that you can administer yourself at home that will also help.

      I wish you a very healthy life.

      John ツ

  2. I have a cousin with this condition and she is really frustrated by it. For the longest time she didn’t even know what she had but she eventually got diagnosed with psoriasis by a doctor. I will suggest to her that she keep track of when she has outbreaks or eruptions because I know she does not do that. Maybe then she can at least determine what may be causing her flareups. Thanks for the advice!

    • Thanks for sharing your cousin’s experience Trisha. Yes, it will be nice if you could point her to this site as she might find the solution for her skin disorder, and relief.

      I wish you and your cousin and very healthy life.

      John ツ

  3. Luckily I have never had psoriasis (or been diagnosed at least) but I feel this could come in handy if I ever do catch it somehow. I do think it is important to see a doctor if you think you might have it. I also think it is a good idea to keep track of habits which might lead to psoriasis and to try and change things up a bit to avoid it. I also heard that cold showers are good for relieving psoriasis as well.

    • Lucky you Arie, you probably are one of the clever people who maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is basically a fix-it-all program already. Taking cold showers can also help (are you also doing that?), but it is not always pleasant and would help in very mild cases, so if by any chance one day you notice a strange skin disorder on your body (usually scalp, back of knees, elbows, etc..) start with a cold shower and have it checked by a doctor. Then if you decide to go the natural way, find a program that will suit you best.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them here.

      John ツ

  4. I live a very healthy lifestyle. I eat well, exercise, meditate, and practice yoga… But about 3 months ago I broke out in a rash on my legs and arms. At first I thought it was poison ivy or oak because that’s what it looks like. (small bumps that itch like crazy). I’ve still been diagnosed by a doctor, but my husband thinks it may be psoriasis. I’m not so sure, but nevertheless, i’m treating it like it is. I’ve found that ozonated jojoba oil seems to be improving it. Thanks for your post. It helped.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us here Jackie, and I am glad that you have found relief. With your very healthy lifestyle, you are ahead of the game, so keep that going. There are so many natural treatments for Psoriasis that it is just a question of testing a few till you find the one that suits you best.

      I look forward to seeing you on this site often and if you have any questions please do ask them here so that it might benefit other readers.

      John ツ

  5. I had suffered from psoriasis and it was a really difficult time for me. When I had consulted a doctor he had confirmed that it is psoriasis and told me that I need to have a couple of supplements every day.
    Psoriasis can be really difficult to trace and treat, often it can get confused with other similar skin disorder.

    • Thanks for your comment and for sharing your condition with us Shrey. I hope that the supplements you are taking help, it should if your Psoriasis is very mild, it will in fact help for any other skin disorders, but in cases of severe attacks of Psoriasis, a more drastic approach would be required. Keep a close eye on it act accordingly.

      Unfortunately, Psoriasis cannot be treated completely, but you can find a near 100% relief with the right treatment.

      I wish you the very best of health.

      John ツ

  6. Hi John,

    Over the years I have had numerous clients who have suffered from psoriasis and I know someone personally who has this condition. Being someone who usually seeks out holistic treatment for most anything, I am not sure why it would not have dawned on me earlier to consider holistic means of treatment for these folks as an option. I am surely going to tell them about your site and pass on suggestions I have read here. I think it will definitely be worth it for them to investigating!

    • Thanks for your comment Cynthia and if you would refer this site to your clients and friends I would be most grateful, and I am sure that they will be also.

      I wish you the very best of health.

      John ツ

  7. For sufferers of psoriasis, it is such a traumatic condition. Apart from the eruptions and the itching, many patients find the look of the skin problems upset them as much as the condition itself.
    I have a neighbour that was continually in shorts and short sleeved shirts and upon looking more closely, I could see he had many sores on his arms and legs.
    It was obvious that the sores were so troublesome that he didn’t want them covered and would rather put up with being cold.
    He told me he was on a serious cancer type drug because of the type of psoriasis he had. I gave him some of my magnesium chloride solution knowing it does help with skin conditions.
    I though nothing of it until he came around a week or so later asking if he could have some more. His sores were visibly reduced and he said he was feeling so much better in himself. He is now taking it regularly. It may not help everyone but may be another remedy to include in your arsenal against this unpleasant condition.

    • Thanks very much for sharing your and your neighbour’s experience Ches. A few years back, when I lived in Florida, I had an eruption of Psoriasis right behind both my knees. As you might know, short pants is the dress code for Florida, and at that time it was the bermuda type of shorts that reached right at knee level. I was so sore by the rubbing of my shorts on the skin that it bled, and imaging with the sweat! 

      That was before I discovered the benefits of some very efficient remedies.

      I am glad that you could help your neighbour, as you probably know, each one of us Psoriasis sufferers can react to a different remedy.

      I wish you a very happy and healthy life.

      John ツ

  8. John,
    Thanks for the very useful information here. Although I have never suffered from Psoriasis and to my knowledge neither has anyone else in my family. Although not the same, I can fully understand what Psoriasis sufferers must go through as I have had allergic reactions that cause rashes and hives and the itching from those is almost unbearable.
    Thanks for the great information.

    • Thanks for sharing your personal experience with allergic reactions Lance. Although it is not he same as Psoriasis, it is also as annoying and could find relief by following a proper diet as well.

      I wish you a very healthy life and I look forward to hearing from you from time to time.

      John ツ

  9. My dad had psoriasis, stress induced from WWII. As he was in high skilled and pressured jobs he was rarely clear of it. One thing he did find was swimming in sea water (nowhere near as much pollution as today) would clear it up especially in summer when it was really beneficial in the hot weather.

    Now a friend of mine has a son who can’t put salt water near it. Oh what a convoluted world we live in.

    Recently I broke out in a rash that looked like dad’s when it initially showed. I then got severe pain so went to the doctor. Who then told me I didn’t have psoriasis but did have shingles.

    So it’s very important for people who get rashes to be diagnosed as early as possible. Very early diagnosis of shingles allows for quick response and healing. Late diagnosis ends up in lengthy periods of extreme overpowering pain! And guess what I ended up with!


    • Thanks for visiting my website Helen and for sharing your dad’s experience and your own.

      When my wife and I lived in Florida, and near the ocean we were able to go to the beach regularly. I noticed that my Psoriasis could then almost disappear, but not quite completely. While there, we decided to go on a diet to shift a bit of weight, and this added to our beach sessions really did wonders. Sea water can burn terribly if the flareup is quite raw, so it is not recommended for those in this case.

      Of course we know that Psoriasis is not completely curable, but if we can find relief in the main time, it is always welcome. And as you mentioned, it is very important for people who get rashes to be diagnosed as early as possible. I hope that you succeeded to have your shingles under control.

      If you have any questions Helen, please do not hesitate to post them here.

      Best wishes,

      John ツ

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