What Is Psoriasis Exactly?

What Is Psoriasis

Do we really know what is Psoriasis? Skin condition sufferers often confuse their rash with other possible skin disorders.

Therefore, it is very important to consult your medical practitioner before deciding on a homemade remedy. He / she may immediately diagnosed or might require further investigation such as you being referred to a skin specialist.

To give you a little bit of clarification: I am describing here below what you should know on the subject so that you can decide what would be the best step for you to take should you be concerned about a strange eruption on your skin.

What is Psoriasis

Psoriasis could also be a chronic skin condition due to a growth of skin cells at a faster rate than usual. As a result of this, thick red, silver or white skin spots referred to as plaques are formed.

Typical skin cells area unit reproduced once every four weeks. However, once affected by skin condition, the latest skin cells rebuild in days rather than in weeks.

It usually have a bearing on adults but might have an effect on teens and children. The areas differ in dimension and would be found on the hands, elbows, behind the knees, under the feet, on the lower back or very often on the scalp.

In some cases, the condition looks like very little eruptions on the afflicted area. However, once vital, the skin gets inflamed throughout this approach and evokes scarlet colored patches with silvery skin at the very best.

The skin at the same time could end up being tender and rather prickling. Various totally different manifestations can also include swelling of joints and also the fingernails and toenails may change color.

Sources of skin condition

Psoriasis is caused by the reaction of the system that winds up in inflammation of the skin and succeeding exfoliation.

Psoriasis may be genetic

Analysis studies have discovered that some folks in big families relay the disorder to their children. The studies area unit notwithstanding to reveal but this happens. This condition can also jump a generation which makes it sometimes difficult to lead back to its origin.

Other environmental variables

It would possibly collectively provoke the appearance of such skin condition specifically in cold and dry weather. It then can be very painful, and applications of ointments or creams could be necessary to relieve the pain.

Physiological variables


Like stress, dry skin and body infections might in addition end in skin condition.

Several medication like air mass level medication and anti-inflammatory medicines equally place a person in peril of obtaining skin condition.

Particular mental diseases would possibly trigger a skin condition, aggravate it or would possibly worsen the condition if it is a pre-existing condition.

Smoking, especially for women, heightens the likelihood of getting a skin condition and could make things even worse.

The consumption of alcohol will definitely aggravate the situation, therefore if you are a regular consumer of any sort of alcoholic beverage, no matter how little, try reducing your intake for a while to see if it shows any improvements.

It is however imperative to remain in mind that the affliction is not infectious and cannot circulate by touching.

Treating and dominating the symptoms of this skin condition

For most people affected by the manifestation, topical care is typically the first course of treatment.

Some accepted topical creams include:

1. Natural products

Some high quality natural products are available on the market in the form of a cream, mixture or ointment.

These products are intended to encourage the regrowth of skin cells. The patient must make use of it in very regularly in quantities that are prescribed on the packaging.

2. Corticosteroids

These steroids prevents the buildup of cells and are essential in reducing inflammation on the affected area. They are solely used for managing mild to moderate occurrences.

The primary fallout of victimization steroids is that it would positively cause cutting of the skin and as time pass, the skin condition would possibly become resistant to treatment.

3. Retinoids

These are products or solutions made from vitamin A. One of which is the most common Tazorac which typically combines steroid treatment. Pregnant women definitely cannot use Retinoids.

4. Other topical products

would also include tar, anthralin, acid and calcineurin inhibitors.

The ointments have different powers depending on the manufacturer and on the area it is affecting. It is therefore necessary to consult a medical professional before taking any medication.

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What about curing Psoriasis Holistically?

what is Psoriasis

Now that we know exactly what is Psoriasis and what are the symptoms, and that the condition is definitely Psoriasis, we can consider going for an Holistic approach.

A skin disorder is usually a sign that toxins are inside your body. Because the skin is your biggest organ, toxins that travel through the body can trigger your immune system to react in a variety of ways including rapid skin cell multiplication.

Holistic treatments for psoriasis include complete internal detoxification. Once the accumulation is removed, the body can again regulate normally. So how do you perform, a natural holistic detox cure?..

Using natural herbs to treat Psoriasis

Here are the first two herbs that we can use for the Holistic treatment of Psoriasis:

  • Sarsaparilla Root has a long history of use as a blood purifier. Saponins, compounds present in sarsaparilla, are extremely effective in ridding the body of an overload of toxins. Sarsaparilla helps bind and rid your body of certain types of toxins that can enter the bloodstream and contribute to psoriasis if not expelled. We can take between three to twelve grams of sarsaparilla root in tea a day.
  • Burdock root is also a liver detox cure. One of the most commonly used herbs, herbalists specifically use for any type of skin disease, including boils, eczema and Psoriasis. Available as a capsule or liquid extract.

That will be all for today. Several articles are already in preparation, so make sure to be back soon for more valuable information about Psoriasis and how to keep it under control.


Please note that any advice, guidance or instruction that I provide here should not be a substitute for medical advice. And this is valid for any of my articles, reports and product reviews.

Ensure you visit your physician if you are using any medication or if you are skeptic following the advice offered.

Also, note that results may vary among individuals. All media content used in this post are for illustration purposes alone.

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  • Hello John
    I have heard of this skin condition and always thought that it only affects young kids and teenages, who usually outgrow out of it. Your post is detailed and informative and offers treatment methods too, thanks for this useful post.
    All the best

    • admin

      Thanks for visiting my site and for your comments Gary. I have had Psoriasis ever since I can remember, my mother had it until she passed away at the age of 88. I am now 72 and was still suffering from it till about a year ago when I learned about this method of Holistic approach. Till then, I could keep it under control a little bit with medicines, it required being extremely clean plus keeping the affected places covered with various creams I am listing in my blog, many I could not use for very long because of the terrible side effects. So yes, now I am totally free of it, and happy.

      Best wishes,


  • Good morning,

    I am a firm believer that our illnesses are caused by toxins and or the unnatural foods we eat in modern times and that the best way to heal is the natural way. One should stay away as much as possible from Big Pharma, they are not interested in our health they are interested in profit.

    Regards, Taetske Guillaume

    • admin

      Thanks for your comments Taetske. You are totally right, as my wife always says: “You are what you eat!”. We are normally quite good with our diet, and when we decide to be very good, which happens usually at the beginning of spring, I started to notice that my Psoriasis reduced quite significantly, so I began to find out more about it and came across this Holistic approach. As I am totally against medication like you are, I decided to give it a go and saw the results I was getting. My wife was even surprised. So out the window went my medication, and I never looked back since.

      Of course, as you are also a great believer of treating your body the natural way, and by sharing your own experience on your excellent blog, you understand why I am trying to help other Psoriasis sufferers.

      I wish you the very best of health Taetske,


  • John,
    What a great post to help folks understand just Exactly What Is Psoriasis?..

    I can recall kids back in the 60’s that I went to school with having it. They naturally got the torment from the bullies, while having to live with a simple skin condition that frieghtens the unknowing.

    I appreciate holistic approaches to healing in general as long as they do work well.
    Thanks for this great read, all my best,


    • admin

      Thanks for sharing your experience Gary. I also remember that as a kid it was a shameful condition that was thought to be contagious, therefore we had to hide it. The positive thing with the holistic or natural approach is that it has no side effects and if it doesn’t work for you, then too bad, you just have to get back to the conventional treatments, and suffer the inevitable side effects. But if it does work for you, then, you will never regret having given it a try.

  • What a great website!

    You have given me lots of information about something I have just encountered with one of my grandchildren.

    I did not know anything about this skin condition before, but your website has been extremely helpful.

    Thank you!

    Your website is very professional looking and instills confidence in me as a visitor.

    Thanks, again.


    • Thanks for visiting my website Susan. I hope that it will help you understand your grandchild’s skin condition and guide you towards the right solution, which is of course the natural way, while it is still early on as it can become very annoying and stressful.

      I will be posting more information regularly, so I hope that you will bookmark this site so that you can learn more about Psoriasis.

      Best wishes,



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