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Body Detox, How Does it Work?

You most likely know that the words “body detox” is the shorten term for body detoxification, right?. It is most often, and wrongly, associated with “pounds or kilos“.

But detoxification is not a matter of weight, but of excessive congestion (water, salt, fat, alcohol, etc.) which fatigue and weaken the body. Skinny people may also need detoxification.

A Body Detox Diet: What it Means to Detoxify?

We can compare a detox program to a big cleanup, with two main actions:

  • Avoiding all the pollutants that we breathe (tobacco, diesel micro-particles, etc.), that we drink (alcohol), that we eats (pesticide residues, chemical additives, saturated fat, salt, fast sugars, etc.),
  • And also eliminating as much as possible these pollutants which clutter the body and mind.

Detox, What is it For?

As usual, it’s all about balance. Normally, you should eat enough, in a balanced way, and stop eating when you are full. But this is not always possible to implement in everyday life, and we let ourselves go even more in winter. Rather than a detox diet, it is really a food re-balancing.

Fatigue, bad looks, difficult digestion, are the signs that you need to get on with a detox plan to put back your body into shape.

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When we eat in excess, with a surplus of proteins, fats, fast sugars, alcohol, but also products full of pesticide residues or a cocktail of chemical additives, our body can no longer dispose of them properly.

Not only does it work twice as hard, but it stores them.

The result can be seen:

  • on the skin: plaques, small pimples, allergies
  • on vitality: fatigue, greater sensitivity to infections, headaches
  • in digestion: bloating, constipation, nausea
  • and finally on the weight, on the increase since there is storage without elimination – unless you exercise regularly.

Detoxification is therefore a relief from the organs that cleanse the body of all these pollutants. It will allow them to declutter, to clean themselves, to repair themselves, then to function better.

Nothing to do with a slimming diet, but rather with the return of well-being and physical and moral vitality. So it is ideal for preparing for the arrival of spring and feeling in great shape to take advantage of the first sunny days!

The Organs of Digestive Detoxification

The liver

It is the body’s regulatory body. This organ performs more than 500 metabolic functions. It filters the products of digestion by acting on the transformation of lipids, carbohydrates and proteins.

It also neutralizes all other unwanted and toxic substances such as drugs, additive residues and pesticides. This waste goes back to the kidneys.

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The intestines

The small intestine absorbs nutrients from our food, and the colon is involved in the external elimination of un-absorbed food residues.

But when these residues stagnate there too long (by constipation for example), they putrefy and lead to a phenomenon of intoxication.

The kidneys

They filter, eliminate metabolic waste and maintain the hydro-electric, acid-base and osmotic balances of the blood (approximately 180 g / L – 6.35 oz / 2.11 pint are filtered each day).

The lungs

Another organ is involved in detoxification: the lungs, by eliminating waste products in the form of carbon dioxide. The regular practice of a sport and / or a good way of breathing contribute to the good activity of the respiratory system and therefore to the general vitality.

The skin

The skin is the main border with the exterior, it is a marker of good or bad detoxification with, or without, pimples and red patches.

These 5 detox organs are called “emunctories”.

How to do a Good Detoxification?

Detox is therefore a return to a healthy lifestyle that does not encumber the metabolism of all kinds of excesses, and which is based on a few simple principles.

A light diet

A light diet means a lot of fruits and vegetables chosen for their detox effects, less – or not at all – meats, few fatty products (cheeses, cold cuts). It helps make fiber and antioxidants.

For more details, see a previous article “A Skin Disorder Diet

Good hydration is also essential. Popular wisdom advises drinking 1.5 liter / 3.17 US pint of water per day, which actually depends on what you take in and the environment.

This figure depends of course on the morphology, on the amount of water already present in the food you eat and on your physical activity. As part of a detox treatment, we recommend that you double your water intake.

Purifying plants

Aloe vera juice is also a great detoxifier that will help you maintain digestive tract balance and cleanse your skin.

As part of a detox cure, for a month, dilute 4 to 8 teaspoons in a glass of water or fruit juice, preferably in the morning before breakfast.

For those who wish to detoxify themselves from the residues of drugs, chemicals or other toxins of all kinds, chlorella is ideal. The detoxifying effects of this microalgae are well known today.

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A bit of sport

Sport during a detox cure, but also throughout the rest of the year, helps the organs to function better and prevents constipation.

Good breathing habits

Good breathing, ventral and deep, activates the digestive functions and allows good air circulation.

Good night sleep

A good sleep to recover well and keep morale at the top!

Detox is good. For our body, and for our morale too. It can even become a way of living, lighter, while knowing how to listen to one another, therefore knowing one another better. Why not adopt it for the long haul?


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