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What Foods To Avoid For Psoriasis — 16 Comments

  1. Great article, John! I especially appreciate the anti-inflammatory food chart. It’s such a useful reference, I’ve saved it to my phone to refer to often.

    Much appreciated!

    • Well done Andrea, I’m glad that you found something useful, and thanks for visiting my website. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here so that other readers might provide you with some useful answers and we will all benefit.

      I wish you an awesome and healthy day!

      John ツ

  2. John, great post, I have a friend that suffers from this she lives in Ukraine, and there are not many options there. I will definitely pass this on to her thanks for all the good research. I hope I can bring her some relief with your knowledge!

    • Thanks for visiting my website and for your comment Rodney. I am quite sure that your friend in Ukraine will appreciate it very much if you should share my website with her.

      There are many things that she can do herself despite the lack of availability in her country, such as a healthy diet for a start, which is what any reputable psoriasis relief programs would suggest to begin with.

      If she, or you, have any questions I will be pleased to give you an answer.

      I wish you an awesome and healthy day!

      John ツ

  3. This is great advice. I found the information really informative. I don`t actually suffer from psoriasis, but the suggestions that you make i am sure will help with just keeping the skin clear period. I am going to follow this.

    • You are most welcome to “steal”my breakfast recipe Alon. If you have any to share please feel free to do so in the comments box below so that my readers (and me) can benefit.

      Looking forward to seeing you on my site often. Please signup for my updates in the box below so that you will alerted immediately when a new article is published.

      Best wishes,

      John ツ

  4. I like your point about eating sometimes fills an emotional lack. There are so many things that go into eating that we do not even recognize sometimes until someone else brings it to our attention.

    I really like the chart. That is a great breakdown and keeps us mindful of ways to control psoriasis.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comment Nate. I do appreciate you taking the time to give your opinion. You are quite right when saying that we really don’t know everything that is in our food, even today. Luckily more and more people now want to be told the truth. You might be interested in reading “What Is A Psoriasis Diet” if you have not done so already.

      I wish you a very healthy life.

      John ツ

    • Thanks for your comment Peter. If you have any recipe of your own, please share it in the comments box below so that we can all benefit. You might also be interested in reading one of my previous articles: What is a Psoriasis diet?

      Let me know if you have any question.

      John ツ

  5. This is a great article! I saw here from the Twitter link! I am a patient with psoriasis from JAPAN. There are few articles like this on Japanese websites.

    There was an article written on a Japanese website to avoid plants of the solanaceous family, what do you think about it? I love potatoes and can not stop eating.

    Please continue to make various information articles from now on! I am looking forward to it. Thank you!

    • Thanks very much for commenting on my website. Unfortunately, not only potatoes are to be avoided when you suffer from psoriasis. Here is a list posted on Wikipedia.

      I really feel for you as, being French, I also love potatoes. Potatoes is like a staple food for the French. But hey, we can’t just avoid everything we like eating right?

      One thing that I can suggest is that if you do not wish to reduce your potatoes intake, is that you look among the other things that you eat and drink that are not all that important to you and remove them from your diet. That’s what I do and it helps.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  6. Great articles John. I’m starting out blogging about nutrition and skin conditions and your blog was a welcome sight.

    Thank you for the great content!


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