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  1. Good evening John,

    I am very much for finding natural solutions to health problems. As the skin is our biggest organ one should really pay attention to any strange looking place on the body. Any illness or condition shows an unbalance of the total where our immune system could not cope with it anymore.
    When ever I have something wrong I have most often used one or more of my favorite treatments.

    I drink arcilla = clay water. It is also good for cataplasms and for cleaning wounds.
    I use coconut oil, some spoons a day and it is good for the skin.
    I use Aloe Vera gel. If one has a plant it is best to make a small cut and use the gel. Do not cut of the total leaf to then try and keep it for later use. The air oxidizes and so it loses its properties.
    I have often used the Urine therapy internally and or externally with great result.

    All these natural methods help in getting the balance back. Have you used any of these?

    Regards, Taetske

    • Thanks for being a regular visitor of my website Taetske and for sharing your own experiences and health recipes. I am greatly in favor of natural remedies for just about any health issues. Apart from Aloe Vera which I have very often used, I have not tried coconut oil and urine therapy yet but I am sure that my readers would like to find out more about it. I will do some research and write an article about those remedies.

      I wish you the best of health Taetske.

      John ツ

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