How To Fight Off Psoriasis

Drinking Water

If you have already suffered with Psoriasis you will be aware that it is difficult de find a suitable relief. There are expensive over-the-counter products or prescription medications that may offer temporary comfort and there are also several natural remedies for dealing with Psoriasis.

One of the basic natural cures for Psoriasis is in learning how to shower or bathe appropriately. Proper bathing or showering is of most importance in respect to Psoriasis and avoiding future eruptions. As discussed in a previous article, showers or baths will have to be short and with lukewarm water. Spending too long in the bath or under a hot water shower will dry out and irritate your skin. It is also recommended to add to your bath some mineral, vegetable, or olive oil in order to relief the itching and irritation. After your shower or bath, be sure to apply a good quality lotion all over your body in order to lock in the moisture.

Another natural and simple remedy is to drink ample quantity of water all through the day. Drinking water will keep the skin and body hydrated from the inside out. As important as it is to keep the skin moisturized, keeping the body hydrated will prevent future eruptions. Drinking water is easy and inexpensive.

Another thing you can do is to be careful of to the food you eat. An issue with your diet is that the foods that are good for your body may actually cause a flare-up. Certain fruits that are recommended to help fight aging of the skin, can cause flare-ups. Adding in some fish and nuts that contain Omega-3 fatty acids is also good for your skin. It is proven that Omega-3 can help prevent future breakouts and shorten the time span for current flare-ups to heal.

Fish OilAnd finally, one thing to try, is to find and use some natural supplements that are reported to help with Psoriasis. It may require some research to find the best treatment that will fit your condition, but the all natural qualities are good for your body and skin. Vitamin supplements are great as well, in particular Vitamins E and C. Aloe Vera and olive oil can be taken internally or externally and both are great for the skin.

Psoriasis may not have a cure, but finding some natural methods or programs to take care of the symptoms and controlling the outbreaks can make all the difference in the world.

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  • I prefer the natural ways to solve most of my medical issues, so, thanks for sharing.

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