Natural Psoriasis Treatments That Work

natural psoriasis treatments that work

Natural Psoriasis treatments that work are many. The thing is to find the one that best suits the sufferer.

Psoriasis is more prevalent than you might think, but many people don’t know they have it. You can do your own online research or get diagnosed by a dermatologist and find out for yourself. And what do you do once you get that diagnosis? Now, you have a confirmation that you have got Psoriasis, so what are your options now?.. Research Natural Psoriasis Treatments That Work!

But the first thing to do is try and find out what causes your Psoriasis. We Know that there is no real cure for Psoriasis, but if you can figure out what brings on the outbreaks you may be able to stop the frequency. Determining what causes it can be the problem though. There is no one trigger of psoriasis, there are many and they vary from person to person. As we have learned in a previous report, outbreaks can be caused by genetics, which is hard to prevent, stress, the food we eat, and could also be the weather.

When you first get that diagnosis, you will then want to start keeping a log of daily activities. It can be a time consuming process to begin with, but in the long run you will benefit from you efforts. Keeping track of your daily activities as well as when the outbreaks happen, will give you a clear insight of what your leading triggers are. Over time, you will discover what provokes your outbreaks and can then identify some natural Psoriasis treatments that work.

As soon as you feel an outbreak coming on, find relief fast. Relief does not mean scratching or picking until you bleed, on the contrary. Relief can be found by using one of the several Psoriasis natural treatments that work.

Here are a few natural psoriasis treatments that work:

  • Take a mineral or olive oil bath.
  • Compose a baking powder paste and spread it over the irritated areas or even with a wet bandage.
  • Massaging Aloe Vera on the painful areas can reduce the itch and irritation.
  • First and foremost, lotion, lotion, and then lotion again.
  • Moisturizing and keeping the skin that way can facilitate scale back the frequency of outbreaks.

Knowing that you have been diagnosed with Psoriasis is the first step. Then you need to find what causes it and how to find the best remedy, as scratching and picking are definitely not natural Psoriasis treatments that work.

Don’t you remember that your grandmother had many home remedies up her sleeve for all sorts of possible health issues? Well, although psoriasis was not very well known then, I have collected a few that proved to be successful, not only for psoriasis, but basically will help for all sorts of skin problems. So, here are “grandmothers” natural psoriasis treatments that work:

Our grandmothers knew how to soothe the skin with some simple home remedies, which I am sharing with you now:

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar disinfects and relieves skin conditions. In small areas with the problem, you can apply it pure with a cotton pad. For larger parts, it is advisable to prepare a liquid mixture of as much cider vinegar as water. You can apply using a compress, avoiding the cracks or bloody areas.

Chamomile Matricaria

Chamomile Matricaria is an effective treatment against inflammation of the epidermis, such as psoriasis. To prepare this remedy, simply soak a chamomile matricaria as a compress and apply it on the affected areas.


Curcumin, with antioxidant properties, protects the epidermis and accelerates healing. To develop the medicinal product to apply to areas affected by psoriasis, mix a dose of turmeric powder with a small amount of water to make a soft, strong paste that is moist enough to adhere to the skin. .

Olive oil

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil helps soothe skin inflammation. Apply by friction on the affected areas, it will eliminate the scales and soften the skin.

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cure psoriasis holistically


If you know of any natural psoriasis treatments that work that you would like to share, you are welcome to do so here below. Any questions? Please use the box below and I will respond as soon as possible. If you are creating your own psoriasis home remedies that work, please do share them with us. Also feel free to share this socially and leave a comment below. I will very much appreciate it!

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  • jeffrey16201

    Thank You
    These are good tips for natural treatments for psoriasis, what is your input on diet changes to naturally improve this condition?

    I am finding out our diets can solve many of our health problems, sometimes only ease our symptoms but every little bit helps.

    Maybe an article on diet and psoriasis is in the future for your website, this would make an interesting article

    • admin

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks very much for your comment. Just about any natural Psoriasis program starts with a proper detox and diet plan, which is half of the battle won, and as you say, many of our health issues could be solved with a correct diet. Your suggestion about offering diet ideas and perhaps recipes is a good one Jeffrey. I am taking note of that, thanks very much.

      I wish you a great and healthy day.

      John ツ

  • Jackie

    I truly believe that psoriasis can be treated naturally! I am a health coach and a few years ago I worked with a gentleman that has a severe case of psoriasis. We changed his diet, got him on some herbs, I encouraged him to quit smoking, avoid fragrances of any kind. I also asked him to him himself a daily massage, avoid alcohol and drink more water and meditate. It took almost two years for him to incorporate these new lifestyle routines, but I can report that the last time I saw him his condition had vastly improved. He stopped coming to see me, so I took that to mean he healed his condition! You’re doing good work here with this site. People who have psoriasis suffer a lot from this condition. I’m so glad you’re helping them!

    • John

      Thanks so much for your comment Jackie. The person you worked with really had a lot to give up to get rid of his Psoriasis, as drinking alcohol and smoking are most probably the worst and most difficult  habits to give up, so I can understand that it took you and him nearly 2 years to succeed. Well done!

      I wish you a very happy and healthy day.

      John ツ

  • Hi John,

    Another great post as usual. I didn’t realise there was no cure for psoriasis! I have never had it so happy with that. Do you know what actually causes psoriasis? I have a friend who gets it on and off and he hated going to the beach as that really made his skin flare up being in the salt water.

    He kind of cured it himself by drinking loads of water and using coconut oil as his moisturiser. he still gets out breaks every couple of years but seems to be able to control it.

    Cheers, Kev

    • Thanks Kevin for being a regular reader of my articles, even though you are not directly concerned by the subject discussed. The causes can vary from a person to another. On my page “Causes and Triggers”: I am trying to enumerate several causes, but the list is far from being complete. I am glad that your friend is finding some sort of relief by drinking lots of water and applying coconut oil. Personally, before I discovered how holistic treatment reacted extremely well with me, I used to get relief mostly by going to the beach. The combination of salt water and sun was beneficial, which shows how it differs from one another.

      I wish you and your friend the most healthy days ahead.

      John ツ

  • My mother has suffered with this for years but cant seem to control it, i will show her this to see if she has tried any of it.

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website and for commenting Matthew. I would be grateful if you could show it to your mother and please do let me know if she has any questions.

      Best wishes,

      John ツ


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