How to Stop Covid19 – Choosing the Right Protection

stop covid19

We can help stop Covid19 from spreading if we all contribute in doing certain basic things. Despite what some people are saying, we seem to be nowhere close to having a reliable vaccin. So it is up to us to help ourselves and others to slow down the virus in its progress.

The Coronavirus Covid19 is spread by droplets emitted during a cough or a sneeze. It is also spread around while touching things.

How to Stop Covid19 From Spreading?

To prevent the spread of COVID19, the government has recommended the implementation of barrier measures to preserve your health and that of those around you. They are:

  • Distance of 2 meters / 6 feet between people
  • Wash your hands very regularly
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow or into a handkerchief
  • Use disposable handkerchiefs and throw them away
  • Greet without shaking hands
  • Stop hugging / kissing

One thing that is certain is that …

We’re going to need masks for a long time, make sure you have enough. Great prices here, where I get mine.

Wearing a protective mask when in close contact with other people also improves personal protection by reducing sources of transmission. Wearing a mask thus prevents the projection of droplets emitted by the person wearing the mask towards those around them; and the person wearing it against the projections of droplets emitted by a person opposite.

Some countries are more or less particular in enforcing such regulations. For example, where I am living (France), it is compulsory to wear a protective mask before entering any public indoors, such are supermarkets, shops, hairdressers, etc.

This regulation has recently been extended to the outdoors in the center of towns and cities. Heavy fines are being charged to those who are not complying with the law.

But all protective masks are not equal, and are not to be used in the same way.

So, in this article you are going to learn how to choose your mask correctly, what other protective gear you might need, and what is strongly recommended that you do to help even further.

How to Choose and Use Your Mask?

As you might have guessed, all masks are built differently and to be used for very specific reasons. Some guarantee a high level of protection, and some are of very poor quality and are there rather dangerous to our health and that of others if used.

And finally, some are meant to be used only once, or for a few hours, while others are washable and can be used until the material is worn out.

What Are the Different Types of Masks?

Surgical mask or FFP1: The anti-splash mask is used to block the droplets of saliva or the projection of secretions from the airways during the exhalation of the wearer.

FFP2 protective mask: The filtering protective mask, intended to protect the wearer against the risk of inhalation of droplets, infectious agents transmissible in the air

Handcrafted fabric mask: The barrier mask to limit droplet projections

How to Apply Your Mask to Help Stop Covid19?

For optimal effectiveness, masks must be correctly put on. Here is a quick video that will show you the correct procedure …

In detail, here is the correct measures to follow …

  • Start by washing your hands before handling the mask with soap or hydroalcoholic gel
  • The chosen mask must be adapted to the morphology of the user’s face
  • Place the mask on the face, it should cover the nose and mouth
  • Pinch the nose clip with both hands to adjust it to the level of the nose.
  • Lower the bottom of the mask under the chin.
  • Once adjusted, NEVER touch the mask with your hands again

Be careful, a beard (even a day old beard) reduces the mask’s tightness to the face and decreases its overall effectiveness.

Lifetime of a Mask?

Most paper masks that are sold have a lifetime of only a few hours, so they should be changed regularly.

A mask should be changed as soon as it gets wet and at least every 4 hours. A removed mask should not be reused.

Of course it is safe to re-use a mask made of fabric provided you adhere to the basic procedure explained above. After each use, wash the mask in hot soapy water, rinse and dry it before next use.

How to Correctly Remove Your Mask?

In order to help stop covid19, beyond the guaranteed duration of protection, the mask must be changed and therefore removed.

For that :

  • Start by washing your hands before handling the mask with soap and / or hydroalcoholic gel
  • Remove the mask by handling only the strings that hold it in place.
  • Throw it in the trash, being careful not to touch the mask itself, which is potentially contaminated.
  • Wash hands after handling the mask with soap and / or hydroalcoholic gel

It is highly recommended that you cut off the strings prior to throwing away the mask. This is why:

Disposable masks are great for everyday use but aren’t so great for the environment and its inhabitants. Recently on social media, images of a seagull caught in the strings of a mask have been circling around.  The reason being that the way masks are disposed of is improper or even littered.

Extract from: The Pacer – Rolling Meadows
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  • Lizzy Stabel

    Well, these last months since the pandemic of Covid19, I could read a lot in the media about the precautions to take, but it is always good to read everything again. That is a fine reminder for sure. I didn’t read about the FFP3 masks though, do you know if they are good as well and where to buy them? Thanks

    best regards,


    • John

      Thanks for commenting on my latest article Lizzy, and I am glad that you are doing your bit to help stop Covid19, every little bit helps.

      In this review I tried not to repeat what is said elsewhere, although it basically comes down to the same simple rules that we need to follow in order to keep safe and protect others.

      I purchase most of my protective gear at MedicalSupplies as they are of top quality and at good prices. It is worth looking into it as we will need them for quite a while.

      I wish you the very best of health Lizzy. Stay safe and healthy.


  • Anastazja

    I wish everyone could read you clear, sensible article.  From choosing a mask to taking off a mask properly you have given really good information.  I think you are correct in saying that we will be using masks for a long time.  We might as well use the right masks the right way.  Your article helps us do that.

    • John

      Thanks for commenting on my tutorial Anastazja. Yes, one thing that people don’t realize is that it is also very important how you put on your mask, how you wear it, and take it off. This is what I wanted to show my readers.

      Stay safe and healthy,


  • Suz

    This is very informative, a good post that deals with how we are Abel to stop the virus from spreading. Like you said,  we have not found a vaccine and the possibility of finding one anytime soon looks very slim but thank God you could point this out and also tell is how to wear our mask properly. This is really good stuff, thank you!

    • John

      Thanks very much for your comment Suz and I am glad that you found my article useful.

      I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.


  • Nuttanee

    I agree, the best way to handle the COVID-19 at the moment is prevention, and stay healthy so you do not become a perfect host for the virus. I used to work in Japan and I have to say that everyone does use masks religiously, especially during the flu season. I think we will get used to it soon but the most important part is that you have to dispose the mask and do not reuse it again. Thanks for the protocol on removing the mask, never thought of the steps that way before. Thanks for sharing these useful information. 

    • John

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Nuttanee. That’s right, I have always been intrigued to see that most people in Japan have been wearing masks for as long as I can remember, especially when travelling. It is very sensible and I hope that we have learned from that and that we will keep the habit of wearing a mask (correctly) even long after this pandemic.

      Take care, stay safe and healthy Nuttanee.



  • Nath

    Thank you so much for sharing this here. Honestly, the fear that there is probability of a second wave of the covid19 is circulating and it is always safe than sorry. So, for me, I would rather prefer to just get as much information as possible and tru yo stay on the side of caution than trying to be like everyone else. Thanks for sharing. 

    • John

      Thanks very much for reading my latest tutorial Nath and for taking the time to share your thoughts. That’s right, now that we know how terrible Covid19 is and how we can help to stop it, we certainly do not wish to go through a second wave, or if we have to, hopefully we will know how to handle it better. 

      Stay safe and healthy,


  • Bruce

    I think this article will serve as eye opener to a lot of people, we’ve been trying mixtures of chemicals and medical practitionera are still not able to bring anything out from the lab that can kill covid19, it’s high time we turn to the ways of the old, natural remedies, herbs and leaves that are really effective. Thanks

    • John

      Quite right Bruce, our “modern” society is still refusing to admit that the old fashion and natural remedies did work the best. It is not by ignorance but rather because the pharmaceutical profession brings so much money into the pockets of we know who that we have to depend on thing that doesn’t work and promises.

      So, in the meantime Bruce, to stay safe and healthy, wear a mask.



  • Justin

    There is so going around as to how we can stop the COVID19 pandemic and a lot has to go into it for it to be successful actually. Most people are key to believe the virus is real and haven’t been paying attention to it at all. I really love how you have given us some really vital tip on how to curb it and get over it. Cheers

    • John

      Thanks very much for supporting my advice Justin. I am glad to know that you one of those who believe that Covid19 is a real threat, but that we can help stop it by doing a few simple things (if we ALL do it properly).

      Stay safe and healthy, wear a mask.


  • Oliveir

    This is a very instructive post and I am glad you are spreading such good information. We all know what the situation is like in the world and that COVID19 has changed our lives. A very important thing is to spread such good information about virus protection, because we have read many times so far about various precautions and tips that are not completely accurate. Do all these masks you have listed have the same percentage of virus protection?

    Thanks, i wish you all the best

    • John

      Thanks very much for commenting here Oliveir and I am glad to know that you are one of those who are doing the right things to help stop the Covid19 pandemic. If we all do it right, there is hope.

      That’s right, the masks that I am suggesting are top grade protection and very affordable. I have been using them since I discovered them.

      Stay safe, wear a mask!



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