Natural Remedies for Scalp Psoriasis – 15 Home Recipes

natural remedies for scalp psoriasis

I am often asked by psoriasis sufferers if I know of any particularly good natural remedies to be applied on the scalp.

The answer is yes of course, by there is not a one-size-fits-all remedy as each one of us can react differently to some remedies. Personally, I have my own recipes which work extremely well for me. Of course, I will share them with you here, but it doesn’t mean that they will work for all of you.

So, it is a question of testing one that you’d like to try first, taking notes of the results, or lack of, and testing another one. And so on, okay?

For that, I am giving you here 15 natural remedies for scalp psoriasis that you can choose from. If you know of any that are not listed here, we would be pleased to know about them. Please share them in the comments’ section at the bottom of this blog post. Thanks.

Those who have this kind of skin condition, and I was one of them, will know that having a dry and flaky scalp is not something anyone would love to have.

Unlucky, some people are battling with scalp psoriasis, and since there are no one-size-fits all-cure for scalp psoriasis, one may end up trying different treatment options to keep this problem at bay.

If you have this condition and you have been looking for a perfect solution, I have good news for you. There are different home remedies that can help you attain clear skin.

In deed, it has been reported that about 40% of people with this condition treat their skin with alternative therapies. And you will find 15 of these therapies that will help you get this culprit under control in this post.

Scalp psoriasis – what it is?

Some people may think poor hygiene is the cause of scalp psoriasis, but this dry, flaky, itchy skin on the scalp has nothing to do with cleanliness. If it is not a hygiene problem, what could be the cause then?

Natural remedies can help treat scalp psoriasis
Scalp psoriasis

Well, psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory condition that occurs due to abnormal function of the immune system. Doctors cannot really explain the cause, but the immune system of some individuals churns out excess skin cells. These skin cells tend to pile on top of each other since the body is not fast enough to remove these excess cells; thus, they form flakey, silvery scales.

This condition can appear on any area of the body, but when psoriasis pops up on the head, patches of dry skin can appear beneath the hair, behind the ears, and on the back of the neck.

One might easily mistake psoriasis for dandruff, even dermatologists. Sebopsoriasis is a term used by dermatologists when it appears somehow like dandruff and psoriasis.

A more defined or patterned pink-scale like plagues, which can also appear on other body parts besides the head, are indications that the irritation on your scalp could be psoriasis.

Dandruff usually appear like generalized oily flaking with pink patches. Treating psoriasis is very difficult, but dandruff can be treated with over the counter shampoos.

Although the cause of psoriasis is not clear, inflammation and stress may trigger psoriasis or worsen the condition. Other possible cause includes smoking, alcohol, and new drugs, such as oral beta-blockers. The factors that trigger psoriasis differ/vary among individuals, so you will be doing yourself good if you know what triggers yours.

Scalp Psoriasis Treatments – 15 natural remedies to use at home

Keeping your doctor or physician informed is important; however, these natural home remedies can keep your scalp psoriasis patches at bay. And you will see that some of the products are simply day to day ingredients that use basically every day …

1 – Shampoos
2 – Diet
3 – Aloe Vera
4 – Apple cider vinegar
5 – Baking soda
6 – Coconuts
7 – Oatmeal
8 – Peppermint oil
9 – Salt
10 – Tea tree oil
11 – Sun exposure
12 – Tar
13 – Lavender and calendula
14 – Omega 3
15 – Turmeric

1. Use Shampoos

You can get over the counter shampoos from any drugstore close to you to treat this condition. Dandruff shampoos are less effective, so don’t buy them. Instead, go for shampoos specifically made to treat psoriasis, like the ones that contain salicylic acid or coal tar.

Psoriasis specific shampoos can help remove some of the flake and relief the itching. To control psoriasis, you need to make shampoo application a habit. In case this condition may appear another time, ensure you have a bottle close by.

2. Watch what you eat

Inflammation in the body is usually the cause of psoriasis. You could reduce the trigger time or keep this condition at bay if you avoid food that triggers inflammation. “Could” is the keyword here.

There have not been any positive results from the different research conducted so far regarding diet and psoriasis. However, some researchers recommend taking a gluten-free diet. Another potentially useful option is fish oil (more information on this below).

A balanced diet is good to treat scalp psoriasis
Step 1 = Go on a diet!

Also, you can limit intake of dairy, red meat and process foods; doing this could alleviate symptoms. Although there is no substantial evidence to support an anti-inflammatory diet, eating a balanced diet (containing vegetables, fruits, and good fats) offers a lot of benefits aside from improving psoriasis since people with this condition are prone to liver problems, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

If you are overweight or obese, reducing weight may help improve psoriasis symptoms.

Frequent visitors of this website know that when someone asks me what natural remedies I suggest for treating a psoriasis, whether it is on the scalp or elsewhere, I always suggest that they first go on a proper diet before testing any products.

Bottom line: Although some specific foods may not be that effective, adopting anti-inflammatory eating could encourage weight loss and eventually boost your overall health and well being.

For this reason I have written a few articles and collected some very efficient recipes:

All with very good reviews!

3. Use Aloe vera

Aloe vera possesses deep, skin healing properties, and it is also very effective in treating sunburn. You can keep your skin moisturize and also minimize itchiness, flaking, and redness if you use a cream containing 0.5% aloe vera.

Another good thing about this plant is that it is extremely gentle, so you can apply it often (like three times a day) to moisturize your skin and reduce irritation.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

You may be familiar with apple cider vinegar, commonly called ACV, or the magic it does. It can be used to improve digestion, boost skin health, as a flavor when dressing your salad, and also to clean your kitchen.

However, you need to be careful when using ACV as dermatologists doesn’t recommend it as a home remedy. More research needs to be done to confirm how effective it is. In some situations, people have reported this product to worsen skin conditions like eczema or worsen skin irritation. So use ACV at your own risk.

Nevertheless, some individuals have benefited from ACV and recommended it for treating itching (that’s it may not be effective in treating flakes or plagues).

Before you use any topical treatment for this condition, make sure you inform your dermatologist to know if it will be suitable for you and use gently.

The ratio of vinegar to water to use is 1:1, and make sure you dab it on your scalp carefully. Allow to stay for some minutes and rinse gently with warm water. Do not scratch or pick; doing so will only worsen it.

5. Baking soda

Baking soda is another miracle ingredient that provides fast relief for itching. Mix ¼ cup of baking soda with your bath water (you can try different quantity to add, but it should not be more than two cups).

Allow to stay for forty minutes, rinse and pat gently to dry. If you are not comfortable submerging your head in your bathtub, then do a scalp bath in your sink. Get a chair, lean backward, and submerge. Don’t forget to start with little baking soda if you are using a smaller tub of water.

Note: Baking soda is a strong scrubber and should not be used as a scrub; using it as a scrub will irritate your scalp the more. Baking soda can provide a lot of relieve when used in moderation.

6. Coconuts can make great natural remedies for scalp psoriasis

You can use coconut oil as a hair mask and also relieve psoriasis. Apply coconut oil (one teaspoon) on your scalp and wear a shower cap. If you can, leave this oil on your scalp all through the night.

If you can’t, allow to stay for one hour. Even though there is no evidence to support the use in treating this condition, the oil present might help nourish the scalp.

7. Oatmeal makes excellent natural remedies for scalp psoriasis

There is no clear explanation for the soothing effect of oatmeal, but an irritated skin might benefit from an oatmeal bath. Although there is no support for this in treating psoriasis, you can try it out.

  • Prepare a lukewarm bath and add one cup of ground colloidal oatmeal to it.
  • Allow to soak for five to eight minutes (make sure you submerge your scalp), and then the redness and itching may reduce.

8. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil contains natural menthol that provides relief to inflamed skin and usually decreases itching and redness.

  • Mix peppermint oil (two to three drops) with almond, coconut, or any carrier oil you prefer.
  • Now, gently massage the mixture into your scalp.

If you don’t fancy oil treatment, you can mix peppermint oil (about five to seven drops) with one cup of water, and then apply the mixture on areas that itch you the most.

Doing this offers quick relief, and it also helps you smell nice.

9. Salts are also good natural remedies for scalp psoriasis

Salt is another excellent treatment option, but not just any sort of salt though …

According to a study, bathing in water from the Dead Sea is an excellent option to treat psoriasis. Taking a trip to this location is pretty expensive and stressful; however, the do it yourself treatment is available for you to do it at home with Dead Sea salt baths.

Note that there is no clear explanation that tells how the saltwater remedy works, but it certainly is a very popular solution, and for good reasons.

If you want to give the DIY home remedy a try, add Dead Sea salt in warm water and soak your whole body in it for 15 minutes. When you are done, dry your body with care and apply any moisturizing agent, like coconut oil, to ensure that scalp psoriasis does not dry out when you are done bathing.

10. Tea tree oil

This oil is a potent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antifungal oil capable of treating scalp psoriasis when combined with a carrier oil; coconut is a good example.

Make sure you use this in moderation. Apply a drop or two on affected areas and see the reaction that follows. Also, this oil should not be used if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, taking vancomycin, or have linear IgA disease.

11. Little sun exposure

Doctors usually prescribe phototherapy for severe scalp psoriasis. This method involves exposing your scalp to artificial UVB light, and the rays emitted slows down the growth of skin cells.

By sitting in the sun, you can get little phototherapy (talk to your dermatologist before you do this to know if it is safe). UVB rays are found in natural sunlight and may put this condition at bay.

You also need to wear a sunscreen when you are under the sun to prevent any damage that may arise from prolonged exposure to the sun. Sunburn can also cause more harm to individuals with psoriasis.

People on psoriasis medication are more likely to experience sunburn. Just so you know, sunlight is less effective compared to artificial phototherapy. So make sure you consult your doctor or dermatologist before opting for a sunbath.

12. Tar

You may not fancy applying tar soap in your hair, but coal tar is an effective treatment option for scalp psoriasis. Carbazole is an ingredient found in coal tar, and it has been reported to prevent cell inflammation. This treatment option will be useful when treating this condition since they are produced as shampoos. Here below is a selection of them available on Amazon …

Since coal tar is a powerful ingredient, use it at most, three times in a week only in psoriasis flare up. There is no need to use coal tar if there is no flare-up; doing so will only cause skin irritation.

Bottom line: Tar shampoo may not work for everybody, but it is usually used in treating this condition, and there is nothing wrong with giving it a try.

13. Lavender and calendula

Not all anti-inflammatory agents and antimicrobials can help you relax, but lavender essential oil works magic. You can mix it with calendula oil, which also contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory features and is also healing or soothing to the skin. You can also mix lavender oil and calendula oil with a carrier oil and apply it to your scalp directly.

Note: Per tablespoon of carrier oil, only add a few drops of essential oil. To ensure you are not sensitive to these oils, ensure you perform a patch test first.

You can use carrier oils, such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, or grapeseed oil.

There is still little evidence to support this method. Do your research and consult your dermatologist before using oil to treat psoriasis.

Alternative options that do not have to do with topical application: Psoriasis can worsen due to stress; thus, you can stay in a silent room with dim illumination, put some lavender oil in the diffuser, and relax. Expect this to address the flare quickly. This method can also improve your mental health.

14. Omega 3

Natural Remedies for Scalp Psoriasis

You might prefer this treatment option because you won’t be applying oil on your scalp.

Omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, and you can get omega-3 from fish oil supplements.

Click on the image on the left for more details and to buy on Amazon.

Although there is no evidence to support the use of fish oil supplements, reports from a 2018 systematic review showed that fish oil supplements might be useful.

And in any case it is excellent for your health.

15. Turmeric

Turmeric is another well-known anti-inflammatory and soother for the skin. Taking turmeric supplements daily can be used to treat psoriasis (do proper research as it has been discovered that some supplements are contaminated with lead (??).

If you are less interested in the pill, you can use the spice when cooking. There are different turmeric recipes that can benefit your skin, find any you can easily prepare.

Ask your doctor before starting some natural remedies for scalp psoriasis

Not all home treatments will be effective against psoriasis, and it’s advisable that you keep your doctor or dermatologist informed at all times before you try any. Book an appointment with your doctor if you have severe flares or plague buildup that’s refusing to go.

Ask your doctor before starting some natural remedies for scalp psoriasis
Ask your doctor before starting some natural remedies for scalp psoriasis.

Also, book an appointment immediately if you experience pain in the joint during a flare up. Most people with this condition usually have psoriatic arthritis, which is responsible for swelling and pain in the joints. And if this condition is not attended to, it can lead to more severe problems.

Doctors usually recommend topical treatment for scalp psoriasis. Corticosteroids can reduce inflammation, and are found in most topicals. In situations topical treatments are not sufficient; they may be combined with oral medications, phototherapy, and biologic therapy.

If the flare up is severe, drugs that suppress the immune system may be recommended.

Normally, it’s advisable to use home treatment alongside prescribed treatments to help reduce psoriasis irritation. As always, make sure your healthcare provider is informed about any therapy or remedy you are using.

As stated earlier, there is no particular treatment for this condition. Try out any of the home treatments in this post to discover the one that works best for you.

Hope that some of these natural remedies for scalp psoriasis will suite you …

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  • Neko Cat

    Oh, man! Do I ever wish I’d had this information when I was a teenager. I had a heinous patch of psoriasis on my scalp where all my hair in that area fell out. Thankfully, the rest of my hair was long so it covered it up. I couldn’t stand my doctor at the time. Although she did prescribe a medication that healed the spot, I would much rather have been able to avoid that doctor visit and used some of these remedies at home. I’m so glad you published these. I’m going to save this page so if it ever happens again to either me or one of my sons, we can hopefully avoid an office visit. Thank you so much for your research!

    • John

      I’m glad that you found this blog post interesting, although it came to you too late in life, but let’s hope that it will come handy to someone else at some point. You could share it socially also to help some of your fans and followers who might need it.

      Best wishes,


  • Jessie

    Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I have been looking for remedies for this for quite some time, and no matter how hard I try I simply can’t get right of it!  I did not know, though, that food could be a contributing factor.  I am overweight, and I eat a lot of fried food and so I’ll try dieting.  Thank you!

    • John

      As you have read in this article Jessie, the first thing I recommend to a psoriasis sufferer is to start with a diet. There are a few examples of diets that one can get on to if you click on the tab “Healthy Recipes” on the navigation bar. So, as you are overweight, it is a good place to start, which will do you good anyway.

      If you have any questions, please do come back to me, okay?

      I wish you the best of health.


  • Mark

    Hi Thanks for this article. I suffer with an auto immune deficiency and as such I often get Psoriasis behind my ears and on the back of my neck. I use Apple Cider vinegar for my stomach as I also have Diverticular Disease. Normally I have 2 Table spoons in a glass of water I find it is a great way to help. I like the idea of using baking soda In a bath as I have never tried this. Personally I think Peppermint oil is a wonderful thing and It can be used for so many applications and it really does help with skin conditions. I also drink peppermint tea which again is great for my stomach. I find that even the sea water here in the UK helps ease my skin conditions as salt is like a natural antiseptic.  One of my favourite products is Aveeno Oil which is Oatmeal based I use this as both a bath and a cream. Thanks for an interesting post. Mark

    • John

      Thanks for sharing all these great remedies Mark. It is good to hear it from a serious psoriasis sufferer who has already tried many natural remedies.

      I wish you a very healthy and psoriasis life Mark.


  • Rob S.

    Psoriasis is something that can really be uncomfortable to say the least.
    I’ve had on the scalp and it’s no fun.
    I like the list of home remedies you have here. Form me, I used the tea tree oil shampoo and it worked aces for me!
    Aloe vera is also good on the skin.
    Changing up your diet also can benefit because that’s what I did.
    And one of the most helpful products is baking soda. It is beneficial for so many different issues.
    I also use turmeric and apple cider vinegar. All of these products are very helpful.
    Do you have any one remedy that you think is the best?

    • John

      Thanks very much for sharing your experience with all these natural remedies and I am glad that they have all helped you with your condition Rob.

      Personally, I have succeeded in getting rid of my psoriasis from most parts of my body thanks to Aloe vera cream and fish oil caps, basically those I am recommending in my article. I am still with a little bit at the back of my neck, luckily under my hair, which is more difficult to control, but still I am managing it with apple cider vinegar.

      I wish you the best of health,


  • Stacy

    What a comprehensive list of psoriasis remedies!  I like your focus in your second point that nutrition plays a huge role in inflammation.  I am a Crohns sufferer managing my condition through good nutrition.  I use aloe vera juice, oatmeal and coconut oil every day from an internal perspective and find it interesting that there is also applicability externally.  I also take fermented cod liver oil every day that has aided in healing my digestive track and wholeheartedly recommend it as a supplement feeding a good gut biome.  Great to see your list and the overlap in ingredients with my internal protocols.

    • John

      Thanks for sharing you condition Stacy, and how the natural remedies you are using are similar to those that I am recommending to treat psoriasis. This proves once again that a good nutrition and the use of natural products can fix a lot of ailments, be it internally or externally.

      I wish you the best of health,



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