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  1. I have known several people with this skin disorder. A couple that I have known havevrather severe cases of it, but I soon learned that those two people didn’t care
    much about proper nutrition or avoiding things that aggravated their conditions. While fresh fruits and vegetables are critical, it is my understanding that even organically grown foods do not contain the complete necessary vitamins and minerals that the human body requires. Is it recommended that multi-vitamins and extra Vit-C will help? Gluten has been shown to be a rather aggravating toxin to alot of people because many are allergic to it. Is there a diet restriction for gluten as well? One other question I have is, are there any holistic categories of producrs similar to “topical steroids” that doctors usually prescribe to control the severity of the outbreaks. This is a very mysterious condition and thank you for doing your part to experiment with the different natural options.

    • Thanks for your comments and questions Carole. Regarding your acquaintances that have severe skin disorders, if they do not like to go on a proper diet to clear that up for some reasons, then they still can see their doctor who will prescribe a conventional medicine in the form of a cream, which will work perfectly, but they will have some side effects that they might not like.

      But if, as you say, if they don’t even seem to care about aggravating their condition, everyone is free to care about their body as they wish, so nothing we can do.

      You are quite right, all the vitamins and minerals needed by our body cannot be found in organically grown fruits and vegetables, therefore it is best to include some extra vitamins in our diet in the form of tablets. If you are following a reputable program, like any of those I have reviewed for my readers the right extra vitamins and minerals will be recommended as part of the program. Although some vitamins can be harmless in any quantities, such as vitamin C which excess is eliminated through the urines, others could be counter effective.

      Not everyone reacts to the same diets, so if you know that you are allergic to gluten, then you should avoid getting on a diet that includes foods containing gluten.

      Doctors are more and more open to holistic remedies, and also, it varies from country to country, and also from state to state if you live in the US. If it is your case, and want to go the holistic route, I would suggest that you question your doctor first, you might very well be positively surprised.

      I hope to have answered your questions fully, if not please let me know, and if more come to your mind, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

      I wish you a very healthy life.

      John ツ

  2. Hey there

    Thanks for the great post!
    My best friend has psoriasis all over her body. At times I feel really sorry for her because it can be a really hot day and she is covered from head to toe to hide it.
    I will show my friend. I had no idea that a diet could help the condition.
    Regards Hailey

    • Thanks for visiting my website Hailey. I have been blessed that I have not had so much of Psoriasis as your best friend, perhaps because I got on it very early on, but I know of a few people that really suffer from it, some to the point of considering suicide, can you believe it? So it will be very nice of you to show my website to your friend, because, unfortunately, there are still some people who think that there is nothing they can do about it.

      I wish you the very best of health, and for your friend that she will find relief, if not complete recovery from her skin disorder. It can be done.


  3. Wonderful information on how a holistic diet not only helps to improve over all health but can also help clear up skin disorders (acne is another). I also know of someone ( a friend of mine) who has been battling cancer and has gone to the extremes to treat it using a holistic approach. I totally believe that diet plays a huge role in disorders and yet can also help alieviate or even cure them,

    • Thanks very much for your comment and input. “We are what we eat” remains true for all sorts of disorders. I am sorry to hear about your friend’s condition, but I must congratulate him/her for taking the holistic approach. I must admit it might require a lot of will power and perseverance, but it is worth going for it.

      I wish you a very healthy life, and to your friend, lots of courage and a speedy recovery.

      John ツ

  4. Hi,

    I think that this is a very useful article for anyone who may be batting Psoriasis.

    You offer some really unique information which most people wouldn’t ordinarily know, so I think that anyone who is searching for information about this diet will be very thankful!

    Do you or did you battle with Psoriasis?

    All the best!

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website and for your comment Angelo. 

      If I battled with Psoriasis myself? Yes, ever since I can remember, perhaps it started around age 10, maybe before. We didn’t know what it was then.

      If I still battle with it? There is no known cure for Psoriasis, but we can control it very well nowadays, with medicines and holistically. After having used the conventional route for many years, I have decided to go holistic in order to avoid the many side effects that the conventional treatments reserve. 

      I have personally used several natural treatments with great success, some of them I am recommending to those who suffer from Psoriasis on my Products Reviews page.

      John ツ

  5. Thanks for the awesome info!

    I have Lyme and Celiac disease. I think a lot of people don’t realize how much diet can affect your body. Food is such good medicine when you eat the right foods and listen to your body.

    I used to have severe joint pain, brain fog, debilitating anxiety, and the list goes on. All from the brutal combination of illnesses I didn’t even know I had for several years.

    There are a lot of pills on the market advertised to help you but the only real, sustainable solution I’ve found is food! Many conditions and illnesses can be massively helped with a change in diet or lifestyle. It’s incredible!

    Thanks for the good read.



    • Thanks for sharing your personal experience Helen, you are certainly a living proof that a proper diet can be a “cure all” solution. 

      Unfortunately, not everybody realise that, or don’t have the motivation you had to make up their mind about going on a diet. It doesn’t necessarily mean to starve to death, a good diet plan can even be very enjoyable. It is just a question of selecting the one that is more suitable to your liking or lifestyle. 

      I have tested a number of them which are described on my Products Reviews page.

      I wish you a very healthy life, and well done for your success.

      John ツ

  6. Hi John and thanks for giving us an insight to the best diet for this dreadful condition. I do have a neighbour who has psoriatic arthritis and he has been on some horrendous drugs which made him feel absolutely dreadful.
    Even in the winter, he would wear shorts and short sleeved shirts because of the sores on his arms and legs causing so much distress.
    One thing that did seem to help him was introducing a magnesium supplement which helped to clear up the sores on his skin. He didn’t say if the arthritic side of the disease had improved. Suffice to say, after taking the magnesium, he took himself off the chemo type drugs he had been prescribed. I have noticed that he is now wearing long sleeved shirts and trousers during our inclement weather. Perhaps this mineral could help others as part of their fight against this distressing condition. Great informative post.

    • Thanks for visiting my website Ches, and also for sharing the experience of your neighbour. I know the feeling, I have been through this before. I am glad that he found relief in taking magnesium. 

      There are many solutions to the condition, it is a question of finding the one that suits us best. I prefer going on a diet because it not only helps with my psoriasis, but it is anyway good for my health in general. The holistic approach is also excellent. I also follow that route because medications have some terrible side effects on me.

      I wish you and your neighbour a very healthy life.

      John ツ

  7. Hello everyone I want to appreciate the great research done on this website, I have been diagnosed of psoriasis simplex virus for years,I’ve lost all hope and that there is no cure and I have been taken medicine to sustain myself till I got to know about Cure Psoriasis Holistically through a friend who cured himself of psoriasis simply by applying some of the suggestions here. He directed me to test some of the remedies for some days to see which would react best for me. Then I went back to the hospital after a few weeks and I was confirmed psoriasis Negative after years of pains and suffering , it is indeed a miracle. I have heard so much about how this site has help lot of people, if you have any issue you should follow some of the recommendations. What worked best for me was the Dead Sea salt.

    • Thanks so much Rachel for sharing your experience and the positive results you benefiting from your treatment.

      As you say, it is necessary to test which treatment will react best as everyone is different. Some of the most popular remedies that have been reported by my readers are:

      CBD Oil
      Dead Sea Salt

      I wish you the very best of health.


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