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What Are The 5 Types Of Psoriasis — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for the great article. I didn’t know there are different types of psoriasis. I thought there is just one type. I have enjoyed reading your article and earned a lot. Thank you very much for the awesome information.

    • Thanks for your comment Hong. In fact there are several more types of psoriasis, but those I have listed are the most common, which can be managed naturally. Like you, I favor everything natural.

      I look forward to seeing you here often. I have a series of very interesting articles to be published.

      I wish you a very healthy life.

      John ツ

  2. My job at a hospital requires me to often be in contact with patients and I have encountered patients with psoriasis. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable they feel when they have to expose their infected arm so I can conveniently draw blood for laboratory investigations. I

    I know that psoriasis is common among the white-skinned because I just assume that their skin is more sensitive. So it can also be hereditary, but are there some ways we can do to make sure we will not get infected? And is psoriasis contagious? I mean, can one pass it on to another via direct contact, like a handshake?

    • Thanks for visiting my website Alice, and for sharing your valuable experience. One thing that is certain is that psoriasis is NOT contagious therefore cannot be passed on from one person to another via any kind of contact. Many people don’t know that so they avoid close contacts with affected persons.

      Of course, someone with psoriasis feels very uncomfortable showing his/her damaged skin. It shouldn’t be like that but unfortunately it is, because those who haven’t had any reasons to know what is psoriasis will not necessarily know what it is or whether it is contagious or not. It is now certain that it is hereditary, so someone with a history of psoriasis in the family will have about 30% chance to be affected. Although it might not be avoided, knowing that there is a possibility of being affected, one can be prepared, do the right things (proper diets, use of the right products, avoid certain fragrances, etc..) will minimise the problem when it arises.

      I hope to have answered your questions fully, I look forward to seeing you here again soon.

      John ツ

  3. Wow, I really did not realize that psoriasis came in different strains. Are they all treated equally the same, or are there different treatments for each type? I have a friend who suffers from this, and she doesn’t want to see the doctor. Simply buys over the counter medicines which don’t appear to be working. I thought I would do some research to see what options she has. Now I am going to have to find out what type of psoriasis she has, unless they are all treated the same.

    • Thanks for reading my article Leahrae. One thing that your friend should do is to see her doctor so that she can at least be certain that it is psoriasis she is suffering from. All types of psoriasis can be treated in the same manner. However, what might require a different treatment is the place where the psoriasis is located. For example, a mild scalp psoriasis could be kept under control simply with an anti dandruff shampoo, when a fold psoriasis will require a cream.

      What I would suggest that your friend starts with is a well balanced psoriasis diet, so that no matter what type of psoriasis it is (or even if it is not psoriasis but some kind of skin problem), it can always be a good start and perhaps even solve the issue altogether.

      Hope this helps and I wish you and your friend a very healthy life.

      John ツ

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